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Atkins Diet Goes on a Diet - Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss Difference

For years, many people thought of the Atkins diet like a meat, eggs and the cheese buffet.

but in seminars throughout the country, health professionals are listening to a different melody. A Atkins educator has supposedly said that only 20% of the calories of a diet should come from saturated fat, according to a new York story.

After all these years, is the Atkins organization reacting to criticism that the diet defends a lot of saturated fat? WebMD spoke with an Atkins advisor and other nutrition experts and heart disease.

"Nothing has changed," Stuart Tragador, MD, President of the Atkins Doctors Council, tells WebMD. "Our message is still the same. Atkins is, and has always been, about carbohydrate control - teaching people to eat whole dense nutrient foods and avoid refined carbohydrates like white flour and sugar."

Atkins never did - and not yet - prescribe amounts of fats or proteins, explains swallier. "Instead, we teach people to be aware and control the consumption of carbohydrates. When we eat a variety of protein sources and fats to satisfy hunger, we eat less because the food is good and is filling. No portion restriction, was shown to result in weight loss. "

Diet 90 Days - Atkins Diet Goes on a Diet

Diet 90 Days
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The "20% number" in the article was derived from meal plans and recipes in the Atkins books, he says. In fact, during the dietary induction phase, people usually consume up to 60% of the calories of fat.

if 60% is divided in thirds - reflect the variety of monoinsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats that Atkins argue - the magic number appears: 20% of the calories would be saturated fat.

"It's important and it's worth recognizing that both steak and eggs are a fat balance," Trier says WebMD. "In a porterhouse steak, saturated fat represents 17% of total fat. In an egg, including gem, saturated fat is only 18% of total fat."

Atkins Diet Goes On A Diet

Read the books

The Atkins diet is very misunderstood, says Trager. "Atkins has never been, as the media and opponents would have people believe, a red meat diet," says Trager. "We need to spend less time criticizing individual nutrition strategies and more attention in obesity defeat. Weight loss solutions are not a size size."

The problem is: "Many people who follow these high protein / low-carb plans did not read the books," says Cindy Moore, MS, RD, director of nutrition therapy at the Cleveland clinic. She is also an American Dietetic Association spokesman.

"What they collected from magazines or newspapers or photos is what they think the diet is - a double cheeseburger without bread, with extra bacon and cheese," says Moore.

however, the "prescription" blanket to eat all the protein and fats you want is what receives dieters in trouble - is not healthy, she says.

"I still do not understand the justification in the limitation of trans fats and not saturated fat," says Moore. "Trans fats act a lot in the same similar form in the body as saturated fat - both increase the" bad "cholesterol of the LDL and decrease the" good cholesterol ".

Shades of the South Beach?

"I feel that this cut in saturated fat is partly a political position in response to the Book of Diet South Beach, which is overcoming the new ATKINS Diet Revolution," says Robert H. Eckel, MD , President of Nutrition of the American Heart Association, Physical Activity and Board of Metabolism.

All major health organizations - AHA, AHA, the American Cancer Society, the USDA, the World Health Organization, and the American Dietetic Association - agree on what constitutes a good nutritional diet, Eckel says to WebMD. "It's not much about good food and bad food, but as is the general diet."

"The amounts of foods that Atkins recommend are unacceptable," says Eckel.

"in the short term, atkins and similar diets do not cause health problems. But I do not think they teach something about the importance of a healthy global dietary program and lifestyle for long-term success in weight reduction ".

Even in the maintenance phase, the Atkins diet is not balanced, Eckel tells WebMD. "Atkins' books says if you start gaining weight when you start eating carbohydrates, return to a more restricted carbohydrate program. Of course, this is a larger diet in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol. This is not a Program despite weight reduction - this is consistent with good health and nutrition. "


"Many professionals who criticize this approach demonstrate a lack of understanding and lack of appreciation for how valuable this tool can help many that have not been successful in maintaining weight and health through recommendations of Default diet, "says swallow.

Trier adds: "Dr. Atkins was the innovative to make better carbohydrate choices and recognize the negative impact that simple carbohydrates have on obesity. He has been alone in this mission for many years since 1972 . He tried to teach people that just because a muffin says low fat, is not ok to eat it. "

AHA diet, consistent with many other health organizations, says the maximum saturated fat intake should be 10% of the calories - medium that Atkins advises, says Eckel.


- Diet 90 Days

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet