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Best Hiit For Fat Loss : The Funny Bone's Connected to the ... Brain Zone?

Why do sharks bite lawyers?

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Was that tickling in your funny bone? If so, a group of Canadian scientists can now say that part of their brain played a role in tickling.

Specifically, it is right above the eye, at the brain base, in a region called the medial ventral pre-frontal cortex. Researchers have learned this by submitting to 14 volunteers to a number of different jokes - including these classic giglers like "what engineers use for birth control?" (Your personalities) and "why did the golfer used two pairs of pants?" (If he has a hole in one).

They use a technique of cerebral scanning known as functional magnetic resonance imaging to allow them to identify precisely in which the active gray matter patch listening to a good joke.

and penalty of the poor participants. Although such chuckucklebait, researchers discouraged laughter to avoid movement on the image scanner.

The report appears in the March edition of Nature Neurocience magazine.

Zone 2 Training For Fat Loss - The Funny Bone's Connected to the ... Brain Zone?

Zone 2 Training For Fat Loss
Continued Among his findings, researchers learned that different types of funny things - Word Plays, for example, in opposition to cartoons - are processed In different areas of the brain, according to Vinod Goel, PhD, a psychologist at the University of York in Toronto and one of the authors of the study.

Goel and its cohorts also determined that participants found a funny joke, brain activity increased in the medial ventral pre-frontal cortex, which is known to control reward-related behaviors. The funniest found the joke, the more activity the brain scans took in this region of the brain, they report.

"in terms of humor, we make a distinction between" getting a joke and finding funny or not getting a joke, "Goel explains to the webmd." The real part of the joke happens in an area From the brain - then, in addition, if you find the funny joke, get an activation in another area of ​​the brain. "

hum, ok - but with so little known about so many diseases, for that spend valuable research dollars to study how the brain gets your laughs?

The Funny Bone's Connected To The ... Brain Zone?

Continuation "The clinical work applications are long-term," says WebMD. "The main question here is to find out what the different parts of the brain are, and clarifying the role of this area in the brain, we can begin to modify the therapies. Long-term, this can help with the pharmaceutical development for having a better idea that brain you want to segment. "

" looks like a silly guy to spend time, given the expense, [but] finally will have an impact on our understanding of the emotions, "says Dean Shibata, MD, Assistant professor of radiology at the University of Rochester in New York.

For example, it could help doctors diagnose and treat patients with mental illness or humor disorders, such as depression, says Shibata, which made similar surveys.

"This area is active in normal people when they hear a joke, but maybe less active in people with depression when they hear a joke," the Shibata speculates.

Continuation "We can not really systematically try to treat humor disorders, such as depression, until we understand the cause," he says, " Parts of the brain are involved can help us figure out how to get them working again. "

other potential application of the new job is to help the areas of the brain of surgeons. which are critical to keep the emotions and social behaviors that make up the personality, he says.

For example, if a patient is undergoing surgery to treat epileptic seizures, surgeons may know which part of the brain language controls, as opposed to the part they need to remove to treat convulsions, thus avoiding unnecessary side effects.

and this is not a laughter subject.

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