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Cancel Happy Hour: Alcohol Shrinks Brain

Forget that Cabernet at dinner; At Happy Hour - just say no. For middle-aged people, drink alcohol in moderate quantities, in fact, causes the brain to deteriorate slightly, a new study shows.

In addition, you do not receive protection against the spill - which is contrary to previous studies that show moderate alcohol intake is associated with some protection against it.

A new study, published in this month's edition of Avroke: American Heart Association newspaper also plunges into this edition of drinking alcohol and brain shrink. Previous studies linked heavy with cerebral deterioration as well as stroke.

but this is the first to show that even moderate drink - causes the same type of cerebral atrophy and occurs as early as middle-aged writes researcher Jingzhong Ding, PhD, an epidemiologist with the Bloomberg Public Health School at the University of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

The study of Ding analyzes 1,900 middle-aged men and women living in communities in North Carolina and Mississippi. Each had a brain scan of magnetic resonance imaging (magnetic resonance imaging) to measure cerebral volume - based on the amount of fluid around the brain, not in a real measure of brain tissue. Higher amounts of fluid around the brain indicate a decrease in brain mass.

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Continuation Each also gave information about their beverage habits. Those who drink alcohol less than once a week were "occasional" drinkers; "low" drinkers; He had between one and seven drinks per week; "moderate" drinkers; consumed between seven and 14 drinks per week; 25 drinks per week is usually considered "heavy" drink. The researchers found that former moderate drinkers and drinkers were more likely than those who reported drinking occasionally, even when other lifestyle factors, such as Smoking, BMI, and diabetes were taken into account, Ding reports.

Also, the brain sizes of moderate drinkers decreased in proportion to the amounts of increased alcohol. This adds more evidence that the process of cerebral atrophy can begin earlier in life than once thought, Ding writes.

It is not known how much this reduction in brain volume affects mental functions, the Ding explains. However, these negative effects of drinking alcohol can be partially reversible if you give up drinking, it says.

Source: Ding, J, Course: Jornal da American Heart Association, January 2004.

Cancel Happy Hour: Alcohol Shrinks Brain


Effects of Alcohol on the Brain, Animation, Professional version. - 60 Hour Fast Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet