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Dietary : Kids Who Often Diet Are Most Likely to Get Fat

Want to make your kids fat? Try to put them on frequent diets or bothering them about finishing your broccoli. An unhealthy focus on feeding - often learned from parents - leads to childhood obesity, according to findings announced at the recent meeting in Long Beach, California, from the North American Association for the study of obesity.

It is not that the diets do not work for excess weight children and adolescents. But when the diet of normal children, the result is often the opposite of what is intended.

"We think diet periods are interspersed with periods of eating compulsion, and this is what is responsible for weight gain," Alison E., SCD, says WebMD. "One of the important things is that people think that the diet is a rite of passage between the girls. We need to encourage if you walk away from the diet mentality to take less calories and become more physically active - not a diet, but a change of Lifestyle. "

The field team at Harvard Medical School and Hospital Brigham and Women's in Boston studied more than 10,000 boys and girls from 9 to 14 December 1998. They discovered that boys were more likely to stay with Overweight than girls - - but the girls were much more likely to diet to lose weight, even if their weight was normal.

To see what was happening, researchers enrolled almost 4,000 of children in a follow-up study. They have discovered that the pre-teenage and adolescents of normal weight that differ many times were much more likely to stay overweight than those who do not diet. Dieters were also more likely to inform compulsion to food.

"Our data suggest that overweight girls benefited from diet," says field. "But you do not want those chosen girls - it's important that the whole family gets involved. All children should be encouraged to take more activity, to find an activity they enjoy."

parents have more of an effect on children's eating habits than they realize - and in different ways they can think of, says Donna Spruijt-Metz, PhD. The University of Southern California researcher studied more than 100 Birmingham black and white boys and girls. They found that the parents of the most liked children were more likely to try to press their children to eat the right foods.

Fat Loss Diet Plan Male - Kids Who Often Diet Are Most Likely to Get Fat

Fat Loss Diet Plan Male

"Foods you are pressed to eat become less attractive," says Spruijt-Metz. "Modeling is really important. There are plentiful evidence that the mother's body mass and the child's weight are closely related. So if you want your child to eat broccoli, you have to eat broccoli. You have to be open minded . Children are not stupid. "

field also emphasizes the importance of parental modeling. "For girls, but not boys, the greater the mother's weight change over two years, the greater the risk of the daughter being overweight," she watches.

No researcher blames only one of the parents. "We're not saying that everything is your mother's fault - it may be the mother pressing the boy, but it's the father who runs the shopping list," says Spruijt-Metz. "It is important to make sure food for children."

Exactly when a family needs to make a change may not be entirely obvious - at least for family members. A study by the University of Chicago researcher Anjali Jain, MD, discovers that obese mothers often do not think of their excessive children. Instead of looking if your children are normal weight for their size, Jain discovered that overweight mothers tend to focus on practical problems, such as not fitting in clothes, playground teasing about being fat, or limitations in physical activity . Even so, they tend to see their children as "thick" or "solid".

"defining" overweight "in children the way doctors can traditionally have no meaning for some women," says Jain. "It is important that the doctor steps to the mother's shoes and see how they see the problem. Mothers in our study thought while their son was active, he or she was not overweight. So sit with them and form Decisions about them and form decisions about what to do with this type of active child can be more useful than labeling the child as overweight. "

Kids Who Often Diet Are Most Likely To Get Fat

Why Eating Fat Won't Make You Gain Weight - Fat Loss Diet Plan Male

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