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First Trimester Weight Loss : Good Fat vs. Bad Fat

You are what you eat: getting more fish and good fats can maintain heart disease and stroke in the bay, new search shows.

Two studies with these conclusions appear in this week's edition of the archives of internal medicine.

How To Meal Prep For Fat Loss - Good Fat vs. Bad Fat

How To Meal Prep For Fat Loss

Good Fat Vs. Bad Fat

To avoid spill, do not fry fish Many fish prevents the course in elderly people, but do not meal!

Studies looking at the health benefits between fish consumption and the risk of stroke arise with definitive conclusions, writes Daariush Mozaffian, MD, MPH, an epidemiologist with Hospital Brigham and the Medical School Hospital and Harvard.

in your study, Mozaffian analyzed medical records to 4,775 adults over 65, all without heart disease at the beginning of the study. He also received diet information in each, including if they ate fish and how it was corrected. Then he looked at his medical records 12 years later.

There were 626 scams between these elderly people. He discovered that those who ate more tuna and other fish had a lower risk of spills.


Compared to people who eat fish less than once a month, it shows:

  • those who ate a tuna and other fish do not Fried at four times a week had a risk of 27% lower than spill. Those who eat fish five or more times a week had 30% less risk of stroke.
  • Those who eat fried fish and fish sandwiches have had a higher risk of stroke - 44% higher risk if they are more than once a week.

They say that their study shows that fish consumption can influence the risk of stroke later in life. The explanation for how this occurs is not clear and guarantees more studies, they write.

Dietary Fats: Healthy Fat vs. Bad Fat- Thomas DeLauer - How To Meal Prep For Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet