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German Volume Training Fat Loss : Fat Kids Not Destined to Be Fat Adults

Hips Fat Loss Exercise - Fat Kids Not Destined to Be Fat Adults

testHips Fat Loss Exercise
Obesity in children continues to rise, but does that mean we will soon have more adults with overweight? This is what many suspected, but a new study shows that it is not necessarily the case.

Previous studies have shown that children who are at the top of their class as much as weight and height are more likely to become adults overweight. And other studies reported that these children have a greater chance of developing diseases in adulthood. But research so far has not established whether overweight children become obese adults.

So the British researchers analyzed 412 children and followed them all the way up to 50.

They found that although overweight adolescents were more likely to become overweight adults, most obese adults were not heavy when they were children. And thin children were not protected from becoming heavy adults.

In fact, finer children who have become fat adults have developed health problems. They were more likely than others to have abnormal levels of blood sugar - an early sign of diabetes - as well as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The discoveries hold some good news: Being an overweight boy does not necessarily mean that you are intended to be an excessive adult.

but there is reason for the alarm here as well. Fine children are not immune to become obese at age. And those who go from lean to large were more likely to develop heart disease and stroke risk factors in adulthood.

Once again, the research is showing us that we need to be serious and aggressive about weight control. If we do not, our current epidemic of obesity can become an epidemic of heart disease and diabetes.

Fat Kids Not Destined To Be Fat Adults

Growing Obesity in British Children | Too Fat to Toddle | Only Human - Hips Fat Loss Exercise

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet