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Good News About Weight-Loss Drugs

Daily Calorie Weight Loss - Good News About Weight-Loss Drugs

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It has been just over three years since the weight loss weight combination was drawn from the market because it was linked to abnormalities with cardiac valves, or small Doors that keep the blood flowing through the heart in the right direction.

How researchers continue to evaluate the damage that the drug combination can lead, they have good news for those who took it.

In fact, Fen-Phen refers to two drugs that were used together because they had phenomenal weight loss effects - Fenfluramine and Phentermine. You can see now why we call "Fen-Phen."

fenfluramine, and its prima redux drugs (dexphenfluramine) were removed from the market in September 1997 due to several reports that they could damage cardiac valves, which, if bad enough, can cause the Heart fails. Since then, doctors have continued to attend the people who took one of these drugs to see if the heart problem worsened.

A new study shows that even if your doctor has found you have a heart valve problem that may be related to one of these weight loss drugs, you have a very good chance of the problem Do not get worse - and you can even get a little better over time.

Julius M. Gardin, MD and colleagues analyzed more than 1,100 people who took Fen-Phen or Redux for at least 30 days and were previously found to have a damaged heartve valve. Each person had taken one of the drugs for at least 30 days and out of them for at least one to two years.

Each participant suffered an ultrasound from the heart, to provide detailed photos of the heart valves and then another ultrasound a year later. They were compared to obese people who had not taken any weight loss drugs in at least five years.

Redux Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories manufacturer, who also financed several of the researchers, sponsored the study. Two researchers are the shareholders in American domestic products, which distributed Redux when it was in the market.

The researchers found that one year after the damaged heart valve, there were no signs that the problem had worsened and in some people, the valve seemed to have improved slightly.

These findings should bring relief to some who took redux or fen-phen and have been found to have a heart valve problem that may have originated from one of these drugs. Researchers and doctors will continue to follow these people, and only time will tell the long-term effect that these drugs had in the heart valves of those who try to become healthier, losing weight.

Good News About Weight-Loss Drugs

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