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Heavy Kettlebell Swings For Fat Loss : Fat Buttocks: Problem for Injections?

Obesity may require the use of longer needles to manage shots for patients from behind.

The reason: Fat can prevent standard needles from reaching muscles in buttocks, especially in obese women. Which could mean that patients are not receiving the desired dose of medicine.

Victoria Chan, Mbbch and colleagues reported their discovery in Chicago in the radiological society of the annual meeting of North America.

Chan works in Dublin, Ireland, in the Department of Clinical Medicine of Adelaide and Meath Hospital.

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revealing sign The Chan study included 50 adults who were programmed to obtain abdominal and pelvic scans. Patients were also receiving injections on his back. Equal numbers of men and women participated.

Here is how these photos should work: the medicine is injected into the buttock muscles, then filters in close blood vessels.

Such shots are used for a variety of medicines, including vaccines, analgesics, contraceptives and antinausé drugs.

Chan study patients agreed to get a bit of a bit of air back before their computerized tomography. The shot contained an air bubble, as well as its injectable medicine. Computed tomography showed whether the air bubble reached the muscles of the buttocks.

Short The air bubble reached the buttock muscles in less than a third of the patients (32%), Chan reports.

Men had more success with the photos than women. Shots have achieved more than half of men (56%) compared to 8% of women, who generally have more fat on their buttocks than men.

"Our study has shown that most people, especially women, are not receiving the proper dose of buttock injections," says Chan in a news version.

"There is no doubt that obesity is the underlying cause," continues Chan. "We identified a new related problem, in part, for the growing amount of fat in the buttocks of the patients."

Fat Buttocks: Problem For Injections?

Fat vs. Muscle

Fat sits on the top of the muscle in the buttocks. It is not so rich in blood vessels as muscle. So, fat injection medicine does not do very well.

Actually, the drugs from a failed buttock injection can remain in adipose tissue and cause infection and inflammation in the area, the press release states.

Chan suggests a simple correction: longer needles for obese patients. "The fatter tissue exists in the buttock, less likely the needle reaches the muscles below fat," says Chan.

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