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High-Dairy Diet May Drop Body Fat, Up Muscle - Hormone For Weight Loss

A high reading diet can help you lose belly fat and gain muscle - even if you do not eat less.

What is the capture? If you really want to lose weight, you will still have to eat less.

These findings are the most recent of Michael B. Zemel, PhD, director of the Nutritional Institute at the University of Tennessee. Zemel's anterior work has shown that people in restricted calorie diets lose more weight if many dairy foods are obtained with low fat.

In a new study of two for one, Zemel now extends these findings for the American blacks. And it reports that obese people in high reading diets lose body fat and earn muscles - resulting in zero weight loss or gain - even though they do not eat less (and as long as they do not eat more). / p>.

"What happens when you move from a low diet for a calorie-free dairy? Well, if you just stepped on the scale after six months, the answer is: nothing," says Zemel. "This is disappointing. But if you look deeper, more is happening. But only increasing dairy, your body fat descends. These people lose almost 5% of their body fat."

Extreme Diet For Fat Loss - High-Dairy Diet May Drop Body Fat, Up Muscle

Extreme Diet For Fat Loss
lose fat, but not weight

Zemel looked at 34 obese black women and men who did not eat more or less food during the 24-week study. Half ate three daily portions of dairy foods in place of lean meat. These people did not lose weight. But they lost almost five pounds of body fat, gained muscles, had lower blood pressure and lost an inch and a half around their worns.

"These people actually lost a significant amount of body fat. And they have gained a corresponding amount of lean mass," says Zemel. "This is remarkable."

Those in the low dairy diet did not have significant changes in body fat, muscle, blood pressure or waist size.

Of course, all these people were still obese. Can dairy still make a difference if they ate less?

High-Dairy Diet May Drop Body Fat, Up Muscle

Losing fat and weight "Calories count," says Zemel. "We do not have a magical rubber. You can not just play milk on something and wait for the pounds to spill."

Then Zemel's team placed 29 obese black women and men on a calorie-restricted weight loss diet. They all decreased how much they ate for 500 calories.

Everyone lost weight. But those who ate many dairy foods lost 24.3 pounds in 24 weeks - double those in the Low-Lary Group. And much more of your weight loss was fat, no muscle.

Zemel says that American blacks have even more to earn low calorie diets, high dairy than white Americans.

African Americans suffer a disproportionately high prevalence of obesity and overweight, "he says." And African Americans consume less calcium and the least dairy in US this is the group at the highest risk with the highest risk. This type of diet. "

Zemel's discoveries appear in the July issue of obesity research.

One step for exercise

Twenty-five of the 29 obese people in Zemel's diet study were black women. Losing weight is a particularly difficult problem for this population, says Carol Hogue, MD, MPH, director of the School's Female and Children's Center of Emory University's Public Health.

Diet is important, Hoga recognizes. But exercise is crucial too. It argues that no discussion about weight loss can ignore the need for more exercises.

"It's very difficult for African-American women to increase their physical activity," the WebMD says. "It's much harder than it seems. They take care of young people, often take care of the ancients, and if they are in the workforce, often take care of an extensive family. Adding one more thing to your life is extremely difficult to do." / p>

Hogue is working on a project to help women increase their daily walk to 10,000 steps per day. This is about five miles of walking a day. This would take a lot of time for most women to do at once. But making extra walking a part of all activities, the steps add up.

A pedometer can help give you an idea of ​​how many steps a day you take. And it can help motivate you to continue walking.

"The research shows that the increase in the level of physical activity of the person actually increases health, it decreases obesity or not," says Hogue. "If a woman reduces caloric intake at the same time, she can also lose weight."

Full Day Of Eating to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle - Extreme Diet For Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet