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Too Much Zinc Linked to Prostate Cancer

How Much Diet Coke Is Too Much - Too Much Zinc Linked to Prostate Cancer

How Much Diet Coke Is Too Much
Continuation In this study, researchers used information from the follow-up study of health professionals from 46,974 men of 1986 2001 to examine the link between zinc supplements and risk of prostate cancer.

Your results appear in the National Cancer Institute magazine.

Too Much Zinc Linked To Prostate Cancer

Risk more than doubles The researchers found that despite taking zinc supplements up to 100 mg per day, Do not increase the general risk of prostate cancer men, men who took more than 100 mg of supplemental zinc a day were more than twice as likely to develop advanced prostate cancer than non-users.

men who have made zinc supplements for 10 or more years were also more than twice as likely to have prostate cancer lawyer compared to those who Do not take zinc supplements.

Researchers say they can not rule out the fact that some other factor can explain the increase in the risk of advanced prostate cancer associated with excessive zinc supplementation found by the study. For example, heavy zinc users may also have high levels of other supplements that can affect the prostate, such as calcium.

Continuation In addition, because zinc was associated with prostate health, some users may have been self - Medicating symptoms of long-standing prostate cancer or late medical care, which may have increased the risk of cancer being found at a later and more advanced stage. But researchers say it is unlikely because taking the history of prostate cancer screening men and the early years of accompaniment did not change their discoveries.

Continuation researcher Michael F. Leitzmann, MD, of the National Cancer Institute, and colleagues say it is not It is clear how zinc can act in the body to increase the risk of prostate cancer, but more research to investigate this link between excessive use of zinc supplements and advanced prostate cancer are required.

How Much Zinc is Too Toxic? - How Much Diet Coke Is Too Much

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