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Weight Lifting For Fat Loss Male - Weight Loss From Addiction Drug

testWeight Lifting For Fat Loss Male

A drug being tested as a treatment for drug addiction makes obese laboratory mice lose weight.

The drug is vigabatrina. It was originally developed as an epilepsy treatment. A version of Vigabatrin is sold as Sabril in Canada, but because the drug can damage the retina - leading to vision problems - is not approved in U.S.

Researchers Stephen Dewey, PhD, Amy Demarco, and colleagues from the Brookhaven National Laboratory are exploring another version of Vigabatrin in development by catalysts pharmaceutical partners. A human judgment is testing the drug as a possible treatment for long-term cocaine addiction.

Studies of animals suggest that the same cerebral circuits responsible for addiction play a role in obesity. So Dewey's team tested Vigabatrina in a tension of laboratory rats created to be obese.

The result: genetically obese rats lost up to 19% of their body weight. Non-obese rats lost 12% to 20% of their body weight.

"Our results seem to demonstrate that Vigabatrina induced satiety in these animals," says Demarco in a news version.

Vigabatrina prevents the breaking of an important chemistry of the brain-messenger named GABA, causing GABA levels as long as the brain. This has a powerful effect on reducing drug desire. It also seems to make the animals yearn for the food.

"that these results occurred, even in genetically obese rats, offer hope that this drug can potentially treat serious obesity - even if it results from the eating compulsion, a disturbance characterized by a pattern of food consumption similar to the abuse pattern of cocaine observed in dependent matters, "Demarco and colleagues suggest.

A report on the study appears in the online edition of August 20 of Sinapse magazine.

Pharmaceutical ovation holds US rights to develop vigabatrine as an epilepsy treatment. The company is also interested in the potential of the drug as treatment for addiction. Vigabatrina was originally made by sanofi-aventis.

Weight Loss From Addiction Drug

Overcoming Eating Disorders, Laxatives & Drug Abuse for Weight Loss - Weight Lifting For Fat Loss Male

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet