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Weight Loss Tips For Woman : Calcium for Weight Loss?

PSST, do you have milk? Calcium can be the newest secret of weight loss. A new study provides more evidence that calcium can combat body fat and help keep your weight under control.

The researchers found that teenage girls who consumed more calcium weighed less and had less body fat than the girls who consumed the same amount of calories from other sources. Previous studies have shown that higher intake of calcium can block fat body production in adults and preschool children, but this is one of the first studies to show that it can have the same pre-adolescent effect and bodily conscious adolescents.

The study, presented this week at the experimental meeting of Biology 2003 in San Diego, involved an ethnically mixed group of 321 girls aged 14 years.

Each of the girls registered everything she ate and drank along with any calcium or vitamin supplement for three days. Researchers also measured the physical activity of girls, weight and amount of body fat just above hipbone - a measure of abdominal fat.

is not surprisingly, they discovered that girls who consumed more total calories and exercised less heavy and more body fat. But when researchers compared girls with similar calories intake, level of physical activity and size, they found that girls who consumed more calcium on average weighed less.

The researchers say most of the calcium in the girls diet came from dairy fountains, and it did not take long to make a difference in their fat and weight weight. The study found an increase in a dairy portion, such as a cup of milk or piece of thumb size cheese containing about 300 mg calcium, was associated with about half an inch less abdominal fat and almost 2 pounds Weight.

but Rachel Novotny researcher, PhD, Rd, says the findings should not be interpreted as an excuse to add more cheese and other dairy products rich in calcium to their diet in the hope of stimulating weight loss.

"does not mean that just eating more dairy can help you lose weight," says Novotny, Professor and President of the Department of Human Nutrition, Food Sciences and Animals of the University of Hawaii in Manoa.

Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink - Calcium for Weight Loss?

Shark Tank Weight Loss Drink

"Calories are still the bottom line," says Novotny WebMD. "Does the calorie composition matter? Yes, having more of them come from calcium rich foods is associated with lower weight and lower body fat."

In light of the current obesity epidemic, Novotny says these findings can provide a new way to help raise children for a healthy body weight later in life. Although reducing calorie intake and increased physical activity is the most effective means to promote weight loss and reduce body fat in people of any age, it says a relatively small change in calcium intake can also reduce body fat.

"What may be important about this is that they are in a period of rapid growth, and because of this growth there is an opportunity to modify their body composition," says Novotny. "It defines the stage for the future body composition."

high body fat and obesity are associated with many health risks such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

The exact mechanism behind calcium fat combat power is not fully understood, but previous research in animals suggest that high levels of calcium in the bloodstream decrease fat production and help change the focus of the body to accumulate fat breaking.

Registered Dieter Althea Zanecoky says the old saying, "like mother, like daughter" usually does not apply to weight control methods, but this study shows that you can.

"As a dietician, I am very excited because here is a food we are trying to get them to eat for other reasons, and now here is this additional bonus," says Zanecoky, who is also a spokesperson The American dietary association.

"Prevention of bone disease that vinua at the end of the road may not be an incentive for the girls," says Zanecoky WebMD. "But for those worried about their weight, this is one more reason for them to drink their milk because it can also have this beneficial effect on their weight."

Zanecoky says it is not difficult for parents to sneak over extra doses of calcium rich in the diet of their children. As a mother of two adolescent daughters, she finds the following especially effective "tricks" on your own children:

Calcium For Weight Loss?

  • Take a decaffeinated cappuccino with your teenager as a post-school snack.
  • Send yogurt along with lunch, such as a snack, or have it for breakfast (no-fat or low-fat versions of many yogurts are also available for weight-conscious children).
  • Whip Fruit Smoothies with skim milk or yogurt.
  • Sprinkle grated cheeses with fat reduced in salads.
  • Incorporate mixtures of low-fat cheese from low content to dinner inputs such as Mexican cheeses in fajitas and tacos, Italian cheeses in noodles, etc.
  • If your child does not like simple milk, offer flavored milks such as chocolate or strawberry.

"This is a potentially modern diet that is healthy. You can control fat and get strong bones at the same time. I do not know of any other diet can do this statement," says Zanecoky. "You can not miss anything but pounds."


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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet