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Winning Mental Strategies for Weight Loss - Weight Loss Workouts At The Gym

What is keeping you from losing weight successfully? Chances are, it's not just what you're eating and how much (or how little) you're exercising. For most people, an important part of the problem is how they think about their food, their exercise and themselves.

Weight Loss Food Dogs - Winning Mental Strategies for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Food Dogs
(not so) large expectations

The biggest voltages of life come from uns served expectations. Here you are, hoping to lose precisely 2.5 pounds per week. Where did you get that? Develop realistic expectations. Most people who have 20 to 50 pounds above weight can count on the spill of one to two pounds per week if they are at the top of the game. (But we're not always at the top of our game. More on this later.) You get excited and want to take care of this problem at once, and that's not about it. Learn to take off the proportional weight to what your body can give you.

You may be saying: "This is very slow. I want to do this faster." Well then you will suffer. With short cuts, I'll guarantee your consequences - consequences you do not want. Short shorts give consequences, patience gives you progress.

Winning Mental Strategies For Weight Loss

regroup and recover

Now let's talk about how to handle it when you're not at the top of your game. Life happens. Maybe you're doing very well and has lost 10 pounds of the 50 years you're trying to lose. Then life beats. Your mother gets sick, her husband gets depressed, or you're having serious trouble at work. As life has obstacles, wait for them. If you do this, you will get much better prepared to deal with them. People who do better in maintaining a healthy body weight over time are people that I call "master reacpersers".

How do you regulate? First, wait for several matches. Maybe you did very well this week, but then the winter hit and killed your plans to exercise from the outside. When something happens, it does not feel hopeless, helpless, defeated. Have in the back of your mind a plan a, B and C. A is wonderful, B is ok, and C is not so great, but will do. A can be a beautiful walk outside, B can be: "If it snows, I'll be on the treadmill at the Academy." C can be: "If I can not get to the gym, I will climb the stairs at home for 20 minutes." They are the people who are paralyzed in the plan that collapses. They find it impossible to sustain any kind of lifestyle change.

Your own worst enemy

People have a lot of negative speaks. One of my patients is a lawyer in the center of Washington, married to a lawyer, and they have three children. You can imagine your equilibrium act. She came up to me last year at 5'5 and 250 pounds - at the age of 44. She was not in great shape. But she started with me and connected to her weight loss plan, losing two to five kilos He just hit 198 pounds. While she still has a way to go, she knocked over 52 pounds! She looks like a new woman. But you know what she said to me? Instead of rejoicing and saying " conquest ! "She said," God, why did it take so long? "

She completely lost the point. I do not care if she took 25 years-she fell 52 pounds. Although she hit Platoes several times, she never came back. She did not gain weight during her most stressful times. I caught her and she said, "I had no idea what I was thinking like this." She does not beat! When I trained Olympians, I asked how they dealt with a poor day or a bad week. Invariably, they never spam. They recognized what it was, and just overcome it.

talk to yourself

To do this, replace positive self-speaking for negative self-conversation. Climb with its own repertoire, a new vernacular encouragement. Sometimes I say to myself: "You're having a low quality day, but you're going to be a girl. You're doing well." Find something that speaks to you, something that is all yours.

I have another patient with a high risk for diabetes, their blood sugar and cholesterol levels were terrible, and it was terrified. But that only lasted so long. In the morning she was motivated, but at 3 o'clock. She was in a diet trance on the vending machine.

I said, "You told me about health risks and diabetes, and obviously this is not motivating enough. Tell me something that really marks you." She said, "The other day, my mother told me that if I stayed more, I'll have to start shopping in Omar Tendmaker. I own this fabulous Armani suit, it's size 12, and I can not fit it. "

So, the motivator of this woman, when 3 hours. He rolled around and she had a choice of a healthy snack or stupid material from the vending machine, was not about diabetes or cholesterol - it was about Armani. If you choose to eat properly, the answer is Armani. If you eat evil, then the answer could only be Omar. Honoring Armani, she walks away from diabetes. This is one of my "Get Real" rules. Health is important, but you have to make it more personal. It can be superficial, but it was worth it for her.

There is no "it"

Just because you lost 30 pounds and is in your weight, it does not mean that you feel in your laurels. If you are thinking, "I'm here, now I can be normal," I have a flash news for you. Normal means that you have to work on healthy eating and exercise every day. It gets easier with practice, but you should surrender to the fact that this is needed to do. There is no negotiation. You just go to another phase of your new lifestyle, and you get better and better and better.

The psychological weight loss strategy | Laurie Coots - Weight Loss Food Dogs

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the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet