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Woman's Tea Addiction Led to Loss of Teeth, Bone Problems

by Barbara Bronson Gray

Health reporter

Turmeric Tea Weight Loss - Woman's Tea Addiction Led to Loss of Teeth, Bone Problems

Turmeric Tea Weight Loss
Wednesday, March 20 (Health News) - Here is a tale of caution about the value of moderation.

A case study reported in the March 21 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine shows how usually drink an extreme shape of highly concentrated tea over almost 20 years has created a difficult case of diagnosing serious bone damage In a 47-year-old woman.

worried that she had cancer, the patient told her primary doctor care in Lansing, Mich, that she was worried about the bone pain she was having at the bottom of her back, arms, legs and Hips for five years. She also had all the teeth extracted due to the fragility.

X rays showed that bones were unusually dense, but there was no sign of disease. The level of fluoride in her blood was also high. She was referred to Dr. Sudhaker Rao, bone and mineral metabolism chief and director of the bone and mineral research laboratory in the Henry Ford system in Detroit for a bone biopsy.


The beer tea patient's ingestion was astronomically high, said Rao, who learned that the patient was regularly drinking a jug for a tea day of about 100 for 150 tea bags, which gave him more than 20 milligrams (MG) of fluoride. She had a concentration of fluoride in her blood of 0.43 milligrams per liter, while normal concentration is less than 0.10 mg per liter, reported Rao.

Fluoride is used to avoid dental caries and is usually prescribed for children and adults whose homes have water that does not naturally have fluoride, according to the US National Library of Medicine.

It turns out that Rao, the author of the case study, came from an area in India, where fluoride levels in the water were naturally extremely high, sometimes causing a condition called skeletal fluorosis. He also recently consulted in some cases involving high fluorine in the blood, he pointed out.

"Most of us can excrete fluoride extremely well, but if you drink too much, it can be a problem," he said. Fermented tea has one of the largest fluoride contents of all drinks in the United States, according to Rao. He immediately wondered if the fluoride in the concentrated tea mix that the woman was regularly drinking could be the cause of her bone problems, he said. "There were about three to four cases reported in U.S. associated with ingesting tea, especially large quantities," he noted.

Woman's Tea Addiction Led To Loss Of Teeth, Bone Problems

continuation When Rao tried to perform the biopsy, the woman's bone was so difficult that he said that his instrument could not penetrate the bone. "It was like steel," he said. "Her bone density was too high, seven times denser than normal."

The perspectives for the patient is positive, however. Rao said he knows his experience in India that if a person moves from an area with high concentration of fluoride in the water for a low concentration area of ​​fluoride, his bones can get healthier. But it is difficult to know how long it will take to the body get rid of the excess of fluorine accumulation, he watched him.

Fluoride would naturally be removed from bone by "bone remodeling", a process that occurs throughout life to replace mature bone tissue with the new bone. But in adults, the pace of this process is unpredictable and typically slow, Rao explained.

The patient stopped drinking tea and his pain diminished, said Rao. Now he is considering a variety of approaches to try to accelerate the process of releasing his body from excess fluoride.


give your parathyroid hormone can help accelerate the removal of bone fluorine, but could also increase bone density more than it would be advisable, and the right to dose It's hard to fix, he watched. The hormone controls the levels of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D in the blood and bone. Another option would be to put it on a low calcium, low vitamin D diet, he said.

DR. Joseph Lane, head of the metabolic service of bone disease at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York said that this case study shows the risk of adopting an unusual diet. "I had a patient who started to take a lot of fish oil, and then she had a smaller lesion and bleed a lot, almost like hemophilia [a disease in which is difficult for blood clot]. It turns out that the patient also had a lot of vitamin And in the blood, "Lane explained.

Lane suggests that people talk to their doctor about any change in their diet that are considering, especially if it is a bit unusual. As for food and beverage items off the shelf, he suggests taking a look at the ingredients.

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