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5 Weight Loss Myths

No matter how well you follow your diet or fitness routine, usually there is some cheating and lying involved - and not just fibs you drive about what you are actually eating when no one is looking. Most of us have experienced at least a quick fix to release the weight for the good fast, or eliminate certain foods and nutrients from our diets - just to earn the weight back, often packaging on more kilos. Unfortunately, myths about how you can lose weight can sabotage even the healthiest relationship between you and your treadmill.

It is a great rule to be suspected of quick and easy weight loss solutions. "The biggest misconception is that doing something in the short term will have long-term results," says Elaine Magee, the "medical recipe" for the WebMD weight loss clinic. While you may want a magical bullet more than anything, fashion and tricks can really do more harm than good when it comes to losing and keeping your weight.

That's why we set up two registered nutritionists - MAGEE AND ELIZABETH PIVONKA, PHD, RD, Product President for Best Health Foundation - To reach a list of lies so you can fight against armed protuberance with the truth

Weight Loss Graphs - 5 Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Graphs
Myth: snacks is always a bad idea

The good news is that you do not need to die of hunger to lose weight. "The idea that you should not eat between meals is a myth," says Pivonka. When you are the stomach starts with snoring, you probably hear a small voice in your head telling you not to ruin your appetite. But having snacks between meals can actually help you eat less and avoid the desire to eat too much or to compulsion later. In fact, nutritionists often recommend that you have five smaller meals a day instead of eating your calories in one go.

One of the main reasons why the snacking has a bad rap is because of the choices we make, say, the vending machine that are packed with fries, cookies, sweets and other delicious - and fatigue - treats. The good news is that we are not all choking in candy bars come 4 p.m. - A 70% stew of Americans use snacks as a way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diets, according to the product for the best health foundation.

If you tend to dive into a bag of fries when you are hungry, try to have nutritious foods instead - illustrate moderate amounts of fruits, vegetables and nuts, for example - and try to eat things that you do not usually have during the meals. MAGEE, which is not a large milk drinker, uses snacks as a way to get your daily dose of cheese calcium and low-fat yogurt.

5 Weight Loss Myths

Myth: no more fast food

Maybe the two cheeseburgeres, chips, soft drinks and apple pies are out, but Magee says you do not have to abandon fast food all together to stay on your diet. "It's part of our culture. I hug," she says. "I just turn on people to make better choices in this arena."

Pivonka says he did not recommend fast food in the past, but with better options now you can usually eat healthy and still get your grub to go. "The big problem with fast food is that sodium content is much higher than ideal", Pivonka WebMD account. It is a problem that can be difficult to avoid unless you stay with salads. At least try skipping small salt packages. Here are some other healthy ideas of Mageee:


  • Get a salad as a beginner.
  • Choose the grilled chicken over fried chicken and empanado.
  • Get soft tacos instead of harsh and crunchy.
  • Keep the sauce and the dressings next to or scrape as much as possible.


Myth: Carbohydrates are all bad

Both Pivonka and MAGEE agree that it is a myth that all carbohydrates are bad. But that does not mean that there is nothing to learn from low carbohydrate diets. Carbohydrates are not all created equal, and you want to avoid processed carbohydrates that are often high in sugar and white flour. Instead, Enjoy beans, whole grains - think of whole rice and whole grain breads - and do not forget fruits and vegetables, which provide a series of nutrients and fibers, are low in calories, and can help reduce Risks of various diseases. , says Pivonka.

The body also uses carbohydrates as fuel during exercise to burn body fat, another great reason to keep the bread basket on the menu.

Myth: Certain foods make you burn calories

There is conflicting information about whether certain foods may or may not increase your metabolic rate, making you burn more calories. While different foods offer different health benefits, people are often left wondering if the calories range from a food to the next.

"A calorie is a calorie, regardless of where it comes," says Pivonka. There are no foods that increase your metabolic rate or help you burn calories, she says. Even if certain foods increase your metabolism, the amount is too insignificant to make it a magic bullet, says Magee.

Instead, Pivonka recommends weight lifting. Because? Because building muscle, you increase the number of calories your body burns when at rest. Magee also recommends that you eat foods with a high water and fiber content because they stay on your system longer, an advantage to take the pounds.

Myth: If you eat and exercise consistently, you will never gain weight

You need to be willing to make lifestyle changes and food adjustments as you grow old, change and grow. The fact is that your metabolism decreases as you get old, says Pivonka. As a result, often you have to eat less or exercise more to avoid gaining weight. Pivonka says the biggest change usually occurs around 40 years. Your metabolism will continue to slow down more gradually over the years, then always keep your food and flexible exercise plan.

When it comes to diet and exercise, the only thing you can really be sure is that there will be new weight loss schemes with each new day. Keeping yourself informed - and raising the eyebrow when in doubt - you will be better prepared to navigate the endless supply of conflicting weight loss counseling.

5 Weight Loss Myths - Weight Loss Graphs

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the smoothie diet
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