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Sherri Shepherd Weight Loss - Weight Loss Supplements Widely Used

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Approximately one in seven U.S. Adults used dietary weight loss supplements non-recipe, and few tell their doctors about it.

This news appears in the Journal of American Dietetic Association.

The CDC Heidi Michaels Blanck, PhD, worked in the study with colleagues from the University of South Carolina and the State University of Arizona.

They interviewed about 9,400 adults U.S. (aged 18 years or more) about their weight loss and weight efforts, including the use of dietary weight loss supplements without pre-granting. The interviews were performed by telephone in 2002.

Fifteen percent of the participants said they had used such supplements, and almost 9% said they had done it last year.

Women from 18 to 34 years old had the largest reported use of weight loss supplements in the uneven diet.

ephedra, chromium and / or bitter orange were the main ingredients in the most commonly used weight loss supplements, the study shows.

Supplements prohibited by the FDA containing Ephedra in April 2004, about 16 months after the Blanck team finish his telephone search.

Two-thirds of people who used weight loss supplements last year did not discuss the use of these supplements with their doctors. This is risky because the stimulants are not appropriate for everyone, watch the Blanck team.

Researchers misrepresent doctors and patients to discuss the use of weight loss supplements and do not assume that supplements are safe and effective, even if they are labeled "natural".

Weight Loss Supplements Widely Used

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet