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Brown Fat Transplants May Spur Weight Loss

Mice Data Brown fat transplants lose weight and avoid the types of metabolic changes that lead to type 2 diabetes, even in high fat diets, a new study shows.

Scientists expect the same approach can one day lead to treatments for obesity and diabetes in people.

Unlike white fat, which stores calories, fat brown burns calories as an oven. Your main job seems to be to keep your body warm.

People have brown fat deposits between the shoulder blades and along the spine, around the heart, next to the neck, and close to the necklace. But these stores are lowercase compared to pounds of white fat that most people carry. The researchers were asked if adding more brown fat can begin - to start the slow body metabolism.

To test this theory, the researchers took a tenth of a brown fat grass from the back of male mice and injected into other rats that were of the same sex and age.

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Scientists have tried brown fat transplants before, but they did not work very well, says researcher Laurie J. Goodyear, Doctorate, head of the section on Integrative Physiology and Metabolism in the center of Harvard diabetes Joslin in Boston.

Goodyear thinks it was partly because of where brown fat was placed in the body and how long the researchers expected to see the results.

This time, Goodyear and her team put brown fat in the intestine, a place that is not normally found. Studies have shown that fat in the abdomen, especially fat around the liver, influences insulin resistance and also the release of blood fats called triglycerides.

Brown Fat Transplants May Spur Weight Loss

"Dramatic effects" After eight weeks, mice that received sugar injections into the processed brown blood, more normally, had less insulin resistance, and were more hydrated The mice data placebo procedures. .

"These effects were really very pronounced and very dramatic," says Goodyear.

encouraged by its results, the team then gave brown fat transplants to mice in high fat diets. In both people and mice, high-fat diets lead to weight gain and boost blood sugar, putting the stage for type 2.

Brown fat seemed to break some of the effects of high fat diet. Transplanted rats kept their weight and blood sugar better than those who have not been able to transplants. And the more brown fat they have achieved, stronger the benefits seemed to be.

How is brown fat? Additional tests in transplanted mice showed that they had higher levels of protein and molecules that control how the body deals with blood sugar.

The study is published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Human test on the horizon How long could the technique be judged in humans?

"I think it's a path of slack," says Goodyear, "but I think the studies we made here really support the idea that it could work."

Other researchers say that the study is interesting, but still is not convinced that brown fat will be one day. Become a treatment for obesity or diabetes.

and Physiology at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada.

Carpentier studies brown fat in people, but he was not involved in current research.

Carpentier says if more studies show that brown fat can be increased with safety in the body, could one day become a tool to combat gain and weight diabetes.

But it says it is important to keep in mind that even under the best circumstances, the effects of brown fat will probably be modest.

"You may end up burning a little more calories at the end of your day, but it will not be anything close to what you can get exercise and diet," says Carpentier.

Demystifying Medicine 2017: Obesity: Brown and Other Fat - Elite Rapid Fat Loss Nj

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