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Canada's Scare Tactics: Graphic Labels on Cigarette Packs - Faster Way To Fat Loss Coach Income

Swollen gums and yellow teeth - with the words 'cigarettes cause mouth diseases' - are among the graphic images that cigarette buyers in Canada are now finding on labels of their brands Favorites.

Under a new Canadian law, all cigarette packages sold in the provinces should contain simple language warnings with colorful photos of sick mouths, brains, and lungs and other images. In fact, warnings should cover 50% of the external label, says Francis Thompson, spokesperson for non-smoking rights association, based on Ottawa, Ontario.

Additional health warnings, including information about toxic chemicals, second-hand smoke risks, and advice on giving up, are required for an insertion stuffed in the package.

"The new cigarette packages are just getting into stores now," says Thompson. "They look very good, very impressive. It's good to know that even in the last villages, where there are not many resources for health education, you can enter your local corner store, and there it is."

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is not intended to be a scare tactic, says Thompson. "Even a bottle of aspirin has an insert that lists all side effects, even those that are quite rare. Here we have tobacco products, with side effects that kill one of each two users. As well as a matter of consumer rights. You must have access to the full story - but they do not. Education. This is what this is. "

What are the cigarette labels in the USA?

Last year, two US senators - Democrat Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey and Republican Richard Indiana Place - introduced a project similar to Canadian Law of Labeling , says Andy Fisher, spokesman for the place. It did not arrive far, Fisher account WebMD. "I'm not even sure there were audiences in the Senate."

this year? Because Lautenberg, now retired, was the account leadership lawyer: "I do not know what will happen in terms of Congress Incoming," says Fisher. "There may be other smoking problems that are also approaching, but all that will be solved after a while when Congress Committees are named and we have some indication in which things the Bush administration is interested in doing."

Canada's Scare Tactics: Graphic Labels On Cigarette Packs

still many people still smoke, says CDC. A report shows a surge in smoking among young people aged 18 to 24 in recent years, from 24.5% to 28%. Good news: adult smoking decreased in the last years of 25.5% in 1990 to 24.7% in 1997. However, it is still a 48 million stew of Americans who smoke. "The Surgeon General would like to see these numbers up to 15%," says Llelwyn Grant, a CDC office spokesman in smoking and health.

The general surgeon and public health experts are in fact exploring the possibility of making labeling changes, Grant says.

"Many countries around the globe - Australia, South Africa, Thailand, England, now Canada - significantly increased the scale of your warning labels Cigarette, "says WebMD. "We are looking at similar requirements in U.S. but labeling is just a piece of this puzzle in dealing effectively with the use of tobacco in this country."

What is most being done? The federal government prohibits smoking in certain arenas: government workplaces, domestic air flights, day day care centers, any agencies wishing government funding for research.

at the state level, there were also advances - with California taking the package with its pioneering antizarking program, launched more than a decade ago. This program made cuts in the rates of diseases related to smoking and smoking, according to a report of November 30 of the CDC. Cigarette consumption per capita in California fell by half since the initiative, passed in 1988, imposed on 25 cents by cigarette tax - revenue was intended for Research and tobacco prevention efforts, the CDC report says. Lung cancer rates among women fell nearly 5% in California, and male lung cancer rates decreased 1.5 times more in California than in other other states: Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, New Mexico and Utah.

Since then, other states - including Massachusetts, Arizona, Oregon, Maine and Florida - also started their own tobacco control programs, stamped after efforts California. Twenty states and the District of Columbia now limit smoking in private places. Only California prohibits internal smoking in all public places, including restaurants and bars (smoking in separate ventilated areas).

and adolescence smoking?

a program performed in the state of Washington - designed to discourage youth - a failure was judged, according to the report of the National Cancer Institute magazine. The study involved 8,388 schoolchildren and 640 teachers in 40 of state school districts. Classes were designed to help children ignore social pressures to smoke, teach them on the dangers of smoking and motivate them to remain smoke free. Results: More than 25% of previous students in the study are now regular smokers, almost the same number than those who did not receive classes.

"We applaud the survey conducted in this study," says Grant. "Basically, it supports what we have said, which takes more than just the class curriculum alone to effectively address smoking among adolescents. You need a rigorous application of tobacco-free policies, active participation of parents and community, of cessation in schools and the community. ... Labeling changes are only one piece of this puzzle.

"Research shows that such combined efforts can effectively prevent or postpone smoke among adolescents at 20% to 40% in the US, "he says WebMD.

The key, says Grant: "Unfortunately, less than 5% of the schools of our nations are implementing any of the components that the CDC outlined ... Programs that give skills of students to reject tobacco and drugs, develop positive self-image, take independent decisions ... understand how the media portrays the use of tobacco.

" There is no stress of a step that will make smokers give up, "he says to Webmd.

What works? Taxes, a doctor's advice, Replacement of nicotine (for adults), and support advice. "Youth and adults are tax-sensitive," says Grant. "We have seen a 4% reduction in smoking - and 7% to 12% reduction among young people - through Cigarette tax alone. I also know that mere advice from giving up a doctor will create a 10% to 15% increase in the dropouts rate. If you combine this advice with some clinical support, such as nicotine replacement counseling and therapy, this adds 20% to 25% success rate. All sum. "

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