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Does Kayla Itsines’ BBG (Bikini Body Guide) Workout Work? - Why Diet Is Important

The promise

More than 6 million people follow the Australian coach Kayla Itines for your fitness and healthy food program. Although it is called "Bikini Body Guide" or #bbg as your fans call, fitting into a swimsuit is not the main goal.

"For me, a" bikini body "is not a certain body weight, size or look, but a state where you are confident, healthy and feel good about yourself and your body," writes itines.


It's a 12 week training program that takes less than 30 minutes a day. Itsines started her Instagram page to track success stories from its customers, and the photos of dramatic transformation caught throughout the world.

Itinines emphasize a full approach to fitness - one that combines foods, exercises and even sleep and lifelong balance. Her training program, which is available through an e-book application and coaching for download ("sweat with kayla") is intended to be feasible but intense. You can then use the same principles to keep your new habits.

You will do:

. . Cardio. Some sessions are "liss" (state of low intensity, stationary state), where you move at a pace. Others are "hiit" (high intensity interval training) where you work hard and then retreat, repeatedly.

. Resistance training. You will use your body weight or equipment like hand weights or a weighted "medicine" ball.

. . Stretching. helps maintain your flexibility as you get stronger.

You can mix and combine exercises to get the routine that best suits you. If you are not yet active, there is a part of the plan to help you accelerate.

As you move through the program, you follow your progress by the number on the scale and the photos "after" you take every 4 weeks. If you choose, you can share your successes in social media and get a high-five virtual of other members of #thekaylamement.

Itines also have a healthy and healthy lifestyle plan (h.e.l.p.) that is based on the Australian government guidelines for healthy eating, and says it's a balanced plan that does not cut food groups. The e-book has a "regular" and vegetarian version. The application also has a vegan version. This revision focuses on your workout.

Full Body Fat Loss Workout - Does Kayla Itsines' BBG (Bikini Body Guide) Workout Work?

Full Body Fat Loss Workout
Intensity Level: High

Bicycling Body Guide Training is intended to be a difficult challenge for you to see the results in 3 months. Each 7-minute circuit is packed to start finishing with exercises. Sessions are intense and increase every 4 weeks. There are detailed instructions on how to make each move.

Although the Instagram of Itineros is famous for your photos before and after, it emphasizes the process and fitness, not just the results of how someone looks.

"Do not try to rush your progress," she writes. "Being healthy and fit is a marathon, not a race." She warns to look for signs that you are exaggerating, like exhaustion and fatigue.

Areas that it target

. Nucleus: Yes. You will do sit-ups, bikes, planks and other abdominal exercises.

. Arms: Yes. One of the circuit routines includes push-ups and other movements that strengthen biceps, triceps and other arms muscles.

. Legs: Yes. The leg circuit is packed with exercises like squats and lunges, burning the leg muscles.

. Glutes: Yes. Your glutes will also have a training during the routine of the legs.

. Back: No. None of the sections directly directs the back. But you can have a little back as you do the arm exercises and circuit training.

Does Kayla Itsines' BBG (Bikini Body Guide) Workout Work?

What else you should know

. Cost: You can get the "Sweat With Kayla" application for free for a week. After that, it's $ 19.99 (U.S.) per month. The 12-week workout plan is $ 69.97 Australian - about $ 52 u.s. At the time this article was published. You can pack it with the healthy food plan for approximately $ 90 u.s.

. Good for beginners? If you are too out of shape. The bikini body includes 4 weeks of pre-training, but you probably need more than that to prepare for the rest of the plan. Start with some basic fitness such as quick walk, first. If you are a bit active, pre-training is enough to prepare you for what comes next.

. Outdoor: Yes. You can do this workout anywhere. For example, you can take a walk or go for a bike ride like training liss (low impact, stationary state).

. at home: Yes. You can do this at home, but you will need a room for the equipment.

. necessary equipment? Yes. You will need hand weights, a weighted "medicine" ball (or you can use dumbbells), a jump rope and two benches or other flat surfaces. A foam roll is useful for the stretches.

What Dr. Michael Smith says

If you already have a basic level of fitness and are willing to push hard and jump high, this plan can take you on the right path for health. The intense fitness routines, but relatively short combined with a strong nutritional program, will leave the pounds and the tone and building of the muscle.

But it's just a start. What are you going to do after 12 weeks? The program can start your health and bodily transformation, but the lasting change you are looking for will come when you continue the lifestyle changes you have learned.

. Is it good for me if I have a health condition?

I never want to create another obstacle to start a health program, but in this case if you have a medical condition, make sure you get your doctor ok first. This is a very intense program, so make sure any health problems you are dealing with is under good control.

Once you receive your doctor ahead, skip it inside. The survey showed that high intensity interval training is not only safe for people with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but you can improve your health in less time. If you have heart disease though, look elsewhere by a less extreme way to get into shape.

For those with back injuries or knee, arthritis or other physical limitations, find a more kind, more kind program that is less shocking in joints. The activity is crucial to relieve pain and prevent additional lesions, but jump training and some of the high impact movements of circuit training can worsen your condition.

. Pregnant? Definitely run this program by your doctor first. If you exercise regularly to this intensity before you get pregnant, this program could be appropriate for you. You may have to make adjustments to certain exercises, but your doctor can give you some tips.

and if you are seriously out of shape, work up to a basic level of aptitude with another program before taking it to this level. Even the 4-week beginner phase is not enough time.

HONEST REVIEW + TRUTH ABOUT KAYLA ITSINES' BBG (Bikini Body Guide) - Full Body Fat Loss Workout

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