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Exercise For Abdomen Fat Loss : Protein Triggers Weight Loss Hormone

Eating protein triggers a natural weight loss hormone, British researchers say.

When released into the intestine, the hormone known as PYY reduces hunger. And high protein foods defined Pyy better than other foods, according to Rachel L. Batterham, MD, University College London, and colleagues.

Recent studies suggest that Pyy is part of the solution to ObesityBesity. Compared to a normal weight person, for example, an obese person has to eat double calories to trigger Pyy.

"Now we find that increasing diet protein content increases the body's own diet, helping to reduce hunger weight loss and weight help," says Batterham in a news version.

If this sounds like the diet of Atkins, Batterham and colleagues say it is not. They notice that many people in the Atkins diet eat a lot of saturated fat as well as a lot of protein.

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hunters vs. farmers

Why the protein triggers pyy and satisfies hunger so well? It is not totally clear. But batter and colleagues suggest that we blame our ancestors.

The prehistoric humans whose genes inherent had a different diet than we do. They have 19% to 35% of their protein energy and 22% for 40% carbohydrates. Our modern diet receives 49% of your carbohydrate energy and only 16% protein.

"A potential strategy for weight loss is therefore to increase the sacamental power of the diet and promote weight loss through the addition of dietary protein - taking advantage of our own satiety system," says Batterham. "Such a diet is perhaps more typical for our hunter's ancestors."

The findings appear in the September issue of the journal's cell metabolism.

Protein Triggers Weight Loss Hormone

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet