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Faster, Cheaper Hep C Cures on the Horizon?

At an ecstatic post in his Instagram followers yesterday, Pamela Anderson revealed that she was healed from hepatitis c.

She is short on specificities, but tells other people who are infected not to lose hope and promise that the healing she received "will be more available soon."

Is she right?

To find out, we extend out to Raymond Schinazi, PhD. He is the director of the Biochemical Pharmacology Laboratory at Emory University in Atlanta.

Schinazi had a hand in the development of five life antiviral drugs, including SofosBovir (Sovaldi), one of the various new treatments that can end hepatitis C infections in almost everyone who catches them. (He supposedly earned $ 440 million when he sold the rights to this drug for the pharmaceutical company Gilead.)

Now, Schinazi says he discovered a way to shrink the time of treatment for some patients with 12 a 3 of Hep C weeks. More importantly, the shorter regime, which depends on a combination of three drugs instead of two, could reduce the cost of a cure by 60%.

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After 12 weeks, all study participants, even the people who took the shortest course of treatment, did not show signs of viruses in their blood. If people remain free from the virus after 24 weeks - and most of them are clear at 12 weeks continue to be clear at 24 weeks - they are considered cured.

The researchers are scheduled to present the results of this study at the end of this week at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Liver's Disease Study in San Francisco. The results presented in medical meetings are considered preliminary, since they have not yet been vetitous by external experts.

The next step, Schinazi says, will be testing the cocktail in more people and also in people who have different strains of the virus. "This work needs to be expanded," he says.

Other researchers are also testing shorter treatment courses with three drug combos.

For example, a 2015 study compared to two different three drug cocktails for a standard 12-week treatment with Harni. After 6 weeks in three drug cocktails, 19 of the 20 patients, or 95%, in each group were considered healed.

Faster, Cheaper Hep C Cures On The Horizon?

Schinazi says that none of the other combinations have been as successful as the cocktail, he helped test, however.

but may not be the first to market as well.

Each of the drugs he used is made by a different company. Schinazi says that none of the companies wanted them together because they are all working on other combinations involving their own drugs.

"We pick up the best drugs available and put them together," he says.

"We gave a huge risk. We can not sponsorship anyone. We paid for study to ourselves," he says.

It says companies will have to reach an agreement to be able to offer the cocktail to patients in a single pill.

"is the wave of the future, what everyone should be focused," says Schinazi.

"As I agieve, I do not have time to develop drugs that deal," he says. "I want to heal everything."

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet