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Fat Loss Hacks : 6 Secrets of Successful Weight Loss

Once you have lost weight, keeping it really easier with time, according to a new study that details the six secrets of successful long-term weight loss.

About one in five people with overweight trying to lose weight are successful in losing at least 10% of your body weight and keeping weight loss for at least a year.

Studying these so-called "success losers", researchers say they have identified six common sense weight loss strategies for long-term weight loss success.

. 6 strategies for long-term weight loss

In the study, the researchers analyzed the weight loss strategies of the more than 4,000 members of the National Weight Control Registry, which lost an average of 73 pounds and remained for an average of five years.

A little more than half lost weight with some help from a commercial, medical or nutritionist weight loss program. The other half made on his own. Nine in 10 of them lost weight through a combination of diet and exercise, and only 10% did it by cutting calories.

In the maintenance of your weight loss, researchers say successful losers shared six important strategies.

. Stay active and get active

Men and women who maintained the weight of the high level of physical activity. The most popular form of exercise is walking, followed by cycling, weight lifting and aerobics.

Women reported burn an average of 2,545 calories per week in physical activity. Men reported an average of 3,293 calories per week. This is equivalent about an hour per day of moderate intensity activity as a quick walk.

Crunched for time? Higher intensity activities can burn calories faster.

Vigorous physical activities include:

  • Running / Jogging (5 miles per hour)
  • Bicycle (more than 10 miles per hour)
  • Swimming (freestyle laps)
  • Aerobics
  • Walking very fast (4 1/2 miles per hour)
  • Heavy yard work, how to cut wood
  • Weight lifting (vigorous effort)
  • basketball (competitive)

. Eat a low calorie and fat diet

Report of successful losers consuming an average of 1,381 calories per day with 24% of these calories of fat.

Caffeine In Weight Loss - 6 Secrets of Successful Weight Loss

Caffeine In Weight Loss

Participants usually eat less than 2.5 meals per week on average. They also average less than a meal per week at a fast food restaurant.

Researchers say about half of the members of weight loss record are still trying to lose weight, and many also tend to underestimate their calorie intake. Therefore, they estimate daily intake of dietery calories at about 1,800.

. Do not skip breakfast

More than three quarters of registration members eat breakfast every day, and only 4% say they never have breakfast. A typical breakfast is cereal and fruit.

Eating breakfast can increase your metabolism by helping your burn more calories during the day. It also helps avoid eating too much on the day.

. Scales

Report of successful losers that weigh regularly (44% weigh daily and 31% reach the scales once a week).

Researchers write that frequently checking their weight allows you to take small weight gains and hope to take steps to fix them.

. Maintain a consistent feed pattern

Most registry members say they eat the same way during the week and weekends.

About four in 10 are stricter on the diet during the week than on weekends and about half are stricter during vacation times.

The researchers found that people who were consistent about their diet were more likely to maintain weight.

. Pick up 'slips' before they become bigger problems

Win a pair of pounds here and there was common among registry participants. But those who were able to avoid an extra pound or two of adding were more likely to keep their weight loss successfully in the long run.

Only about one in 10 recovered successfully a weight gain from more than 2 to 4 pounds.

The results of the study appear on the issue of the American newspaper of clinical nutrition.

6 Secrets Of Successful Weight Loss


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