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Fat Loss Regime : Tactics Are Different for Weight Loss, Maintenance

the same tactics that help you lose weight does not necessarily help you keep it.

The new study, which appears in the August edition of the American newspaper of Preventive Medicine, suggests that successful losers need to change gears to keep the course and keep their weight loss.

The researchers surveyed 1,165 adults from about 36 specific practices to determine which of these behaviors were associated with weight loss and / or weight loss maintenance. Weighing weight loss to lose 10% body weight or more last year, while maintenance was set to 10% or more of body weight and keeping it off for a year or more.

Overall, different sets of skills and behaviors are involved with weight loss and weight maintenance. For example, participating in a weight loss program, limiting sugar in your diet, eating healthy snacks, and not skipping meals can help you lose weight initially, but these practices do not have much to do with loss. / p>.

Eat many low-fat protein sources, following a consistent exercise routine, and rewarding by joining your plan and remembering why you want to keep your weight off I was connected to weight loss, but Not the previous loss weight, the study showed.

"Realizing this difference, shortly after the six-month period of maximum maximum weight loss, is really important," says study researcher, Christopher Sciamanna, MD, Medicine Professor and Public Health Sciences at Penn State College of medicine, in an email. "It seems a bit similar to love and marriage. What you lead to the altar is likely to be very different from what keeps you married in the long run. [And] recognize this transition and adaptation with different practices will also have you in trouble." / p> "It's a slightly different process," he says. "To be successful, it is necessary to adapt to this different process or risk being less successful," he says. "Yes, it still boils down to reduce caloric intake and / or increasing caloric expenses, but practices that help you achieve these, based on our study, seem to be different."

Fibre For Weight Loss - Tactics Are Different for Weight Loss, Maintenance

Fibre For Weight Loss
Weight Loss Vs. weight maintenance

Lose weight is the part (relatively) easy, says James O. Hill, PhD, pediatrics and medicine teacher and director of the Human Nutrition Center at the University of Colorado in Denver. Hill and colleagues are accompanying those who can keep their weight loss through the national registration of weight control.

The new study "reinforces what we have said about differences between losing weight and keeping it off," says WebMD.

It is a three-phase process: weight loss, transition for maintenance and maintenance of weight loss, says Hill.

"Getting weight is just a task, which is then changing your mind - defined for a more permanent way of life, so you keep it," he says.

The second part of the battle can be a climb, and it is one of the reasons why so many high profile celebrities lose weight only to recover it. "People still want to focus on weight loss, but the hardest part is to keep it," he says.

hill says that increasing physical activity is essential to keep any weight loss.

"Unless you are able to increase your physical activity in a very important way, you will not keep the weight," he says. Another key ingredient is a strong social support system. "You need to create the right kind of social network to reinforce the routine of diet and exercise."

Timothy Harlan, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Medicine School of Tulane University, an ex-restorer known as "Dr. Gourmet", and author of just telling me what to eat!, Says the key to keep Weight loss involves the change of our mentality.

"If you want to be healthy, lose weight and keep it off, you need to change the way you eat," he says.

The word diet implies a start and an end and configures you for failure, says Harlan,

"Healthy eating and being healthy is a lifelong prescription," he says. "If you want to lose weight and want to keep it, you have to completely change your relationship with food forever."

"Planning is the most important thing that people can do to lose weight and keep this loss," says Harlan. This means planning what you will eat and when you will eat it - the same as you plan the children's time and your work day. This can involve the packaging of your own lunch and do not skip breakfast.

Tactics Are Different For Weight Loss, Maintenance

- Fibre For Weight Loss

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the smoothie diet
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