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Fat Loss While Breastfeeding : Are Your Relationships Making You Fat?

Learning to eat less than high calorie foods that you are not always easy. Which can make you even harder: have to look at the food gained on your own dining table.

From the spouse that brings you a huge box of chocolates on Valentine's Day for the mother-in-law, which makes you with homemade goodies for the slim friend who invites you to lunch dates, the result is very the same. While your intentions can be all good, experts say the results can be all bad for the Dieter trying to stay with a healthy food plan.

"In most cases, trying a dieter with food or treats who know that they are prohibited is actually an unconscious act on the part of the non-dietist, says Charles Goodstein, MD, clinical teacher of psychiatry at the NYU medical center." Still, when it happens, it can make your resolution much more difficult. "

If this sounds familiar, take heart! Three experts interviewed by WebMD offer five simple strategies to help prevent you from falling from weight loss wagon, even when you are surrounded by non-dietary friends and loved ones.

Banana Fat Loss - Are Your Relationships Making You Fat?

Banana Fat Loss
1. Make a statement

Although it may seem that your partner or another loved one is deliberately trying you bringing home that premium ice cream quart, experts say your intentions are probably not what they seem.

According to Nancy Restuccia, MS, RD, people who do not have problems with food often do not realize the level of temptation experienced by people who do. Then it is up to the Dieter to make your feelings known.

"You have to let your partner know that having all this food in simple sight your willpower, making it harder for you to stay in your meal plan," says Restuccia, a nutritionist at the center of obesity surgery in Nova York-Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University Center.

also important, she says, is letting them know that this has nothing to do with weak will.

"They need to understand that no one has an endless supply of willpower - and no matter how strong you are, you simply can not look fat in the face every day without your willpower," restuccia says WebMD. .

The best approach, she says, is to ask your loved ones directly to not give you food as gifts - and more importantly, eat any food loaded with calories that enjoy when you are not around to see, listen and to smell.

Are Your Relationships Making You Fat?

2. Keep temptation out of sight

Even if your loved ones agree to eat your fattening goodies when you are not around, sometimes just knowing that forbidden foods are within reach of the arm is enough to deviate your diet. When this is the case, Lynda Mezansky, MS, RD, tells WebMD playing a small hiding game can be exactly what the diet doctor ordered.

"I'm not saying hiding the food from your family members, just take it out of your vision - Ask them to keep you in a closet where you normally do not go to your dietary foods, for example, or You have a refrigerator in the basement or family room, keep the tempting food there, "says Mezansky, clinical nutritionist at the Health and Fitness Center of Stamford Hospital in Connecticut.

If it is more difficult for you to get to forbidden food, she says, you will be less tempted to eat it.

3. Learn the replacement art

While passing the main dinner dish usually is not so difficult - even if you are rubbing elbows with a diet band sabotores - which can change when the dessert time rolls. When family members have trotted apple pie, a mode of LA, cheesecake samplers or fudgey chocolate brownies, can let you feel depressed and private - not to mention tried.

"It may be even worse if you are the one who has to prepare these desserts," says Restuccia. "You can certainly feel a bit down when you spend time making the food you can not eat."

The solution Here: Give yourself a delight of your own taste, preparing a less caloric dessert that captures part of the essence of what your family members are wolves.

For example, if the clan loves cheesecake, the restuccia says: "doctor up" some low-fat ricotta cheese with low calorie sweetener and strawberries or blueberries to capture the flavor without the calories. If it's an apple pie, you have to look, mix the applecate with cinnamon and some low whipped cover to help the nip temptation on the button.

Be creative in finding foods that capture the smell and taste of tempting tract without calories, and often you think observing others eat treats will not be so difficult, "says Restuccia.

5. Restarting

For some, seeing and smelling forbidden foods can be the final seduction. For others, it does not matter both what your partners eat as they say.

This is especially true when a loved one deliver this box of chocolates while saying things like: "I like you" or "you are sexier when it is heavy." Experts say that these words can often send a dieter on the edge. "Something that many overweight people share is low self-esteem, and when you already believe it is undesirable, hear that losing weight will make you even more undesirable can diet very difficult," restuccia tells WebMD.

What should you do if this happens? First, Goodstein says, try to get the bottom of why your partner feels that way. You may find that it is really your fears and not your wishes they are expressing, he says.

"When a partner begins to lose weight and improve his appearance, the other may feel threatened or scared that this attractive new person does not want them more," says Goodstein.

Encouraging the Dieter to remain overweight, the partner can exercise a form of control - or at least ensure that the one with the "new" body is less likely to divert.

To get around, he says, scaring his partner that his weight loss goals are driven by health, not vanity, and that losing those extra pounds will help ensure a better future for you two.

"Make sure you explain the serious health risks involved in being overweight, and ensuring them that they stick to your diet is a way to ensure you are longer to share the future together," says Mezansky .

What can also help: Include your partner in your weight loss rewards.

"Tell them that if you can help you lose the next 10 pounds, there will be a reward that you two can enjoy, like a weekend, or buy an item for the house you want" mezansky account webmd .

If, however, a partner, family member or friend seems to be deliberately subverting their weight loss plans - and speaking does not help - talk to your doctor.

Adds GoodStein: "Although this does not happen very often, sometimes the need for a person to subvert the other person's success is a sign of a sadistic personality - with problems that will likely be evident in other areas of the relationship . "

originally published on . Medically updated January 23, 2006.

Are your relationships making you fat? - Banana Fat Loss

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