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Getting a Laminectomy: Before, During, and After

Laminectomy is one of the most common rear surgeries. During a laminectomy, a surgeon removes the rear portion of one or more spinal bones (vertebrae). Bone spurs and ligaments that are pressing on the nerves can be removed at the same time. Here is what to expect before, during, and after your laminectomy.

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Before your laminectomy

Before your laminectomy, you should receive detailed instructions on how to prepare yourself from your surgeon's staff during one of your office visits. Here's what you should do and plan before surgery:

  • Do not eat anything after midnight the night before your laminectomy.
  • Use loose and comfortable clothes. Do not use jewelry, especially necklaces or bracelets.
  • Bring your insurance information and your pocket for any required co-payments or documents.
  • If your doctor thinks you may be able to go home the same day, bring someone to take you home and help take care of you.
  • Plan to be slow for a while. Stocks with groceries and take care of all the scraps and storage you can.
  • Let friends and family know that you will have surgery; You can use extra help during your recovery.

On the day of your laminectomy:

  • You will be provided a private area to change to a loose medical dress.
  • You expect in a "pre-op" area on a litter or bed. Your surgeon, your anesthesiologist, or the anesthetist assistant will visit you and examine you.
  • When everyone is ready, you will be transported to the operating room.

Getting A Laminectomy: Before, During, And After

During your laminectomy

Most laminectomies are performed with general anesthesia and mechanical ventilation. Here is what will happen:

  • Anesthesiologist or an assistant will put a mask on your face, delivering a mixture of oxygen and anesthetic gas. You can also receive medications through your veins to help you relax. Within some breaths, you will be unconscious. This is general anesthesia.
  • The anesthesiology professional will then insert a plastic tube through the mouth and vocal cords, in its trachea, or trachea. This is called intubation.
  • During surgery, a fan or breathing machine, pump the air in and out of your lungs. Your vital signs will be monitored continuously throughout the operation.
  • You will be wrapped up to the face down position to provide access to your back.
After your laminectomy

Here is what will happen in the hospital or surgical center after laminectomy:

  • You will be transported to an area " post-operational "for continuous observation and monitoring of your vital signs. Most people are awake, but groggy for several hours after a laminectomy.
  • Although some people go home the same day, most are admitted to the hospital for at least one day.
  • Feel pain at the bottom of the back. You will be provided medication for pain.
  • Depending on the extension of your surgery, you may need help getting out of bed and walking for up to a few days after laminectomy.

Here is what you can expect from home after your laminectomy:

  • waiting for some significant pain that can require a strong medication for pain. You should not drive while you take these drugs. Most people can return to driving in one to two weeks; Your surgeon will let you know when it is safe to go back on the road.
  • You will need to limit your activities that include flexion, leaning or lifting for several weeks after your laminectomy.
  • You will also need to keep the incision site clean and dry. Ask your doctor for bathing and bath instructions.
  • Your doctor will remove your points or staples after about two weeks.
  • You should avoid long airplane flights or car rides - they can lead to blood clots on your legs. If you travel, stand and walk once per hour or more.

Recovery time will depend on the extent of your surgery and your own personal situation. In general, here is what to expect:

  • After a smaller laminectomy (decompression), you are usually able to return to light activity (table work and light cleaning) within a few days a few weeks .
  • If you also had spinal fusion with your laminectomy, your recovery time will probably be longer - from two to four months.
  • Your doctor may not advise a return to complete activities involving lifting and flexion for two to three months.
  • You should get the light walk for exercise exercises and physiotherapy as soon as your doctor tells you it's ready. This will help accelerate your recovery.

How will you know the results of your laminectomy? Most people suffering from laminectomy experience a reduction in their back pain symptoms. You may not know if surgery has reduced your back pain up to about six weeks or more after laminectomy.

Recovery After Spinal Surgery - Weight Loss Breasts Before And After

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