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How to Maintain Weight Loss - 40 40 Fat Loss System Reviews

Lose weight is much easier than keeping it off. The truth is that diets can work - in the short term. Be going down-carbohydrate, registration points, or counting calories, many plans (when followed), in fact, will result in fallen pounds. But most diets fail because you eventually feel hungry and private, shaves the plan and wins back the lost weight (and in many cases, even more).

No wonder: How your body weight decreases, your metabolism falls, and you need less food every day. However, while you restrict how much you eat, your body's hunger hormones push us to eat more. It becomes a physical and psychological struggle that can feel impossible (not mention miserable). "Food restriction is not a long-term solution for obesity," says the obesity researcher, James Hill, PhD.

Of course, you need to eat less than before, says Hill. But you must prioritize find a smaller intake that feels satisfactory - then make up the difference with exercise.

For example, let's say you have lost 10% of your body weight, and now you need 150-200 fewer calories per day to maintain this new weight. You have to fill this gap forever. You could eat 150-200 less calories, never having a snack in the afternoon or eating a very small breakfast - they will most likely make you hungry.

or you can increase your activity by 150-200 calories, going for a walk of power, doing a fitness or bicycle class. "Physical activity should be driving the bus during weight maintenance," says Hill, director of the University Obesity Research Center of Alabama University in Birmingham.

How much exercise is enough? For most people, the sweet spot is 60 minutes a day, although some people need more and a few less. Hill, co-founder of the National Weight Control Registry (a record of people who have successfully lost weight and keep it off), says people in the registration exercise for an average of one hour a day. And as you heard before, you do not have to get it all at once. Movement throughout the day as well.

Whole30 Weight Loss - How to Maintain Weight Loss

Whole30 Weight Loss

Another benefit of exercise: increases something called "metabolic flexibility". This is the ability of your body to easily change between carbohydrates and fat burns for energy and efficiently use calories. This is a good thing because being metabolically inflexible can result in insulin resistance, leading to more stored fat and an increased risk for type 2. diabetes actually, the hill says it can really be a threshold where you can become so metabolically inflexible that your body is actively working to gain weight. If that's the case, he says, exercise is the most effective way to revert it.

Bottom Line: The weight loss journey does not end once you dropped the pounds; To keep them, you will need a plan of action to close the "energy gap" that is feasible in the long run. The exercise must play most of it, says Hill. "The more you fill this energy gap with the exercise, the more successful you are."

How To Maintain Weight Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet