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Nutrition Plan For Fat Loss : Weight Loss Helps Diabetes Control

People diagnosed with type 2 diabetes that lose overweight soon after diagnosis are up to twice more likely to keep track of your disease than those who do not lose weight or gaining weight, according to a New study.

Even if they recover the weight, like most in this study, the benefits remained, the researchers have discovered.

"People who lost weight [excess] were more likely to achieve blood sugar and blood pressure goals than people who have gained weight or maintained a stable weight," says Gregory A. Nichols, PhD , an investigator for the Permanent Kaiser Health Center in Portland, Pray., and a co-author of the study. This was not surprising, he tells WebMD, as another survey found the same.

but the surprise was discovering that the benefits remained even if the weight was recovered during the follow-up of four years.

Sleeve Weight Loss - Weight Loss Helps Diabetes Control

Sleeve Weight Loss
Weight loss and diabetes

Nichols and his team followed more than 2,500 adults, all members of the Great Herman Kaiser, who were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes between the years of 1997 and 2002. They looked at medical records to track weight, blood sugar and blood pressure.

"We look at your weight over three years and look at blood sugar and blood pressure readings in the fourth year," Nichols tells WebMD.

Weight Loss and Diabetes: Study Results

The researchers found that most participants were in the same weight during the study. About 76% were a stable weight for four years, says Nichols, while about 12% won weight.

plus 12%, or about 314 people, lost on average 23 pounds in the 18-month mark. But for 36 months, they earned almost everything back, on average.

This loss and recovery was even more likely to meet your goals for blood sugar and blood pressure levels, Nichols found.

those who have 7% or more on a blood test called or HbA1C, which indicates average blood sugar control in the last two or three months, were considered above the goal. Those whose blood pressure was or above 130/80 were above the goal.

Weight Loss Helps Diabetes Control

The findings about weight loss may have gone unnoticed, Nichols says, if his team had done what most researchers did - look at the weights only at the beginning and at the end of a study.

We use all weights available to draw these trajectories, "he says." That's how we were able to identify this weight loss group. "

for those newly diagnosed ones that are above the Weight, Nichols says: "You should not be discouraged if you recover any or all you lose because your blood sugar and blood pressure control can still be better. "

The study is published in line in diabetes Care, the magazine of the American Diabetes Association. About 23 million people in U.S. have diabetes, according to American diabetes association.

Weight Loss and Diabetes: LIBRAS Volta?

How does Nichols explain the discovery that the benefits remain even when the pounds come back?

"A possibility is that we seem further, the benefit may have gone," he says. "The other possibility is, there are long-term benefits for weight loss, even if the weight is recovered." Because? One hypothesis is "metabolic memory" - the body reminds the benefits of an intervention, such as weight loss.

Another possibility is proposed by Steven Edelman, MD, Medical Professor at the University of California San Diego and director of the Diabetes Clinic service at the Medical Center of Veterans in San Diego. "Kaiser has a very good education program," he says, then patients were probably advised on how to take care of themselves and their diabetes.

Some of the lifestyle changes may have arrested with them, he says, even if the pounds were turned. "These people could still do regular exercises, but they are still overweight," he says.

Weight loss and diabetes: window of opportunity

Other diabetes experts who reviewed the study for the WebMD say findings can be a wake-up call for doctors and patients. "The study is a reminder that we need to diagnose diabetes early, we need to treat it aggressively as soon as it is diagnosed to maintain the remission of the diabetic state," says Om Ganda, MD, a senior doctor in the center of Joslin Diabetes in Boston.

How To Lose Weight With Type 2 Diabetes | This Morning - Sleeve Weight Loss

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