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Weight Loss Eases Harmful Inflammation

Resveratrol Weight Loss - Weight Loss Eases Harmful Inflammation

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Weight comes inflammation, researchers say. But they discovered that there is a way to calm this harmful effect on the body.

It is no secret that is overweight causes significant damage to your body over time. It is also well known that losing weight can buy it back some time. And now, a new study shows that if you are overweight, pouring some pounds can calm the harmful inflammation facing inside your body.

In recent years, inflammation has shown to play a role in heart disease. It is believed that inflammation in the body helps clog the arteries. We are not sure what inflammation causes, but this last study suggests that being overweight can be an important reason. The results of the study appear in the February 5 issue of the movement of the medical journal.

Andre TChernof, PhD and colleagues analyzed 61 women with overweight with a mean age of 56 years. They measured the levels of a bloodstream chemical called "C-reactive protein" or CRP. This chemical goes up when inflammation in the body increases. So 25 of women were placed in a weight loss program.

On average, CRP levels fell 32% after a weight loss of about 33 kilos over 14 months, TChernof reports. He was with the Medicine Department of the University of Vermont, Burlington, at the time of the study. Now he has the laboratory of molecular endocrinology in the city of Quebec, Canada.

"It really seems like fat loss is the best predictor of changes in CRP," said Tchernof in a news version. The more fat women lost, the smaller the CRP fell.

With more research, we will learn more about exactly the role that inflammation plays in heart disease. Meanwhile, it may be a good idea to do what we can to relieve inflammation - and apparently lose weight is a way to do this.

Weight Loss Eases Harmful Inflammation

How Inflammation Affects Weight Loss- Thomas DeLauer - Resveratrol Weight Loss

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