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Weight Loss With Grapefruit : New Drug for Diabetes-Related Vision Loss

The FDA approved the use of the drug Lucentis to treat diabetic macular edema, a common and threatening complication of diabetes.

Lucentis is given through a monthly injection of a health professional.

in diabetic macular edema, fluid leaks for the macula (medium of the retina), which is responsible for providing clear and clear vision. The fluid swells the macula and the sight of bubbles.

"Diabetes is a big question of public health in our country, and all patients with diabetes are at risk of developing diabetic macular edema," Renata Albrecht, MD, of the Center for Evaluation FDA, says in a press release.

Albrecht says that approval "represents a great development for the treatment of people whose vision is impaired by DME as a complication of their disease." / p>.

Cost Of New England Fat Loss - New Drug for Diabetes-Related Vision Loss

Cost Of New England Fat Loss
The last approval for Lucentis was based on two clinical trials involving 759 people who were treated with the drug and followed for three years.

The results showed a significant portion of people with diabetic macular edema treated with lucentis experienced the improvement in the vision, measured by an eye chart.

For example, between 34% -45% of the treats with the monthly dose of 0.3 milligram recommended by Lucentis won at least three lines of view compared to 12% -18% of those who did not receive the damn it.

The most common side effects of Lucentis include bleeding in ocular tissue, eye pain, floats and increased pressure inside the eye.

Lucentis is marketed in the US by Genentech. A greater spokesman estimates the monthly cost of treatment for diabetic macular edema with lucentis at $ 1.170.

New Drug For Diabetes-Related Vision Loss

New drug could reverse blindness effects in diabetics - Cost Of New England Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet