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Belly Fat Loss In A Week : Diet's Role in Alzheimer's Disease Prevention

Diet seems to be linked to Alzheimer's disease, especially fat, according to two new studies. Helping a high diet in "good fats" - nuts, fatty fish, vegetable oils - seems less risk, while eating fried foods and other "bad fats" increase risk. However, antioxidant vitamins have not much effect on preventing dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Studies appear in this month's edition of neurology files. They add to a growing body of data pointing to the diet as a factor in getting sharp in old age. Some animal studies - and a large study of older adults - suggested that a high diet in total fat, "bad" fat "saturated and cholesterol is bad for the brain.

but new data, using human affairs, show no significant risk of alzheimer's development of total fat or total cholesterol. Only saturated fats lead to guilt.

In the first study, the researchers asked 815 elderly - all unaffected by the symptoms of Alzheimer - which food they ate regularly. They gave the same group a questionnaire similar about two years later. The researchers traced the health of the elderly for another four years and found that 131 developed Alzheimer's.

Cla And Fat Loss - Diet's Role in Alzheimer's Disease Prevention

Cla And Fat Loss
the bad news: those who reported eating more saturated and hydrogenated fats - red meat, fried foods and packaged foods like biscuits, cakes and chips - - were twice more We prone to develop Alzheimer. a diet rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats - vegetable oils, avocados and greasy fish, such as salmon and tuna - performing less risk dementia, writes main researcher Martha Clare Morris, SCD, with the Rush Institute for Healthy Aging at Rusbyterian / St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago.

The second study analyzes the popular belief that vitamins C and and and beta-carotene prevent Alzheimer's disease. Some researchers have theorized that the harmful and unstable compounds called free radicals in the bloodstream can damage nerve cells, leading to dementia - and that the antioxidant effects of C, and and beta-carotene can reduce this cellular damage.

The researchers traced the food habits of 980 elderly - all without symptoms of dementia - for about four years. They found that 242 people developed Alzheimer's during that time. However, his vitamin intake did not seem to be linked to dementia.

"neither dietetic, supplementary, nor full ingestion of carotenes and vitamins C and and was associated with a decreased risk," writes the researcher of Leads José A. Luchsinger, MD , with the University of Columbia in New York.

Source: Neurology files, February 2003.

Diet's Role In Alzheimer's Disease Prevention

A Diet that Helps to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease - Cla And Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet