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Designer Weight-Loss Drugs on Horizon

an experimental drug that makes fine fat rats points the way for loss of weight loss medications.

it is called C75. In mouse studies, it reduces the appetite and makes the body burn faster fat. This is supposed to be impossible. Millions of years of evolution have hard-wired animals to save your energy during the main times. It's the ruin of the less diet: you burn fat more slowly when you're losing weight. C75 Somehow short circuit this system.

Now scientists know why. And this knowledge seems likely to lead to branded drugs that can help people control their appetite while melting stored fat. The new discoveries appear in the June 11 issue of the National Academy of Sciences processes.

"C75 is the only molecule that will gain fat and burn it", leader of study Frank Kuhajda, MD, says WebMD. "We are mucking with the switch. Now we have an explanation of why these animals lose a lot of weight."

and lose weight they do. Kuhajda and colleagues from the Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore saw obese rats losing 15% of their body weight after only two weeks in C75. Oh, yes, and there's one more thing about it: C75 also kills cancer cells.

but do not get the pharmacy looking for the drug. It is years away from any kind of human judgment. Kuhajda says that even if C75 was safe in humans - a very, very large "if" - it is not the right kind of drugs for people.

"We can give a track of this work to design molecules that can be drugs in the future," he says. "C75 will never be a weight loss or cancer drug. But it's a useful tool. This work shows how to do this."

When an animal stops eating, a kind of fatty acid accumulates in the system. It's like when an assembly line is turned off. Raw materials stack at the front end. This accumulation of fatty acid signals the body for slow burning of energy. C75 acts in the brain to make an animal lose your appetite. It also acts on the body to block the signs from fatty acids. He keeps the fat burning machines running in full explosion.

Truvision For Weight Loss - Designer Weight-Loss Drugs on Horizon

Truvision For Weight Loss

It would be dangerous for people to lose weight at the same speed as Kuhajda rats. That's why he's looking for other drugs that would give the doctors better control of the appetite and fat burning systems.

"Palign =" left ">" What we are trying to do is knock down the balance between gaining weight slowly and slowly losing weight, "says Kuhajda. "We're not trying to make beautiful people. We're trying to help people, like diabetics, lose perhaps 15 or 20 pounds." What I see is a drug like C75 in the future that makes you a little less hungry and makes you burn a Little fat. You do not have to hit and get in hunger. What we want is for you to eat a little less and burn a little more fat every day. Maybe in the end you're still a bit robust, but your health is better. This is early, but so far it looks promising. "

C75 is not a magic bullet, agrees Jules Hirsch, MD, director of the Human Behavior Laboratory and Metabolism at the Rockefeller University of New York. Hirsch, a longtime specialist in the field, sees the new discoveries as another milestone in the search for new obesity treatments.

"If you take in more calories than burning, you gain weight. It is an equation that is a basic law of science. There is no way that," Hirsch webmd account. "What I expect is a much greater understanding of how all this food intake mechanism is created. If we have this, maybe we have better ways to treat obesity at first instance if it begins in childhood or after."

Designer Weight-Loss Drugs On Horizon

- Truvision For Weight Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet