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Early, Aggressive RA Treatment Best

When it comes to treating rheumatoid arthritis, there is increasing evidence that the best approach is to beat early and hit hard.

New research from Finland shows that aggressive treatment soon after diagnosis with a drug combination is more effective to slow down disease progression than treatment with only one medicine or delaying treatment.

Patients with treated rheumatoid arthritis needed early with three different disease modifying antimmeumatic drugs (DMards) were more than twice as much chances of having achieved remissions in two years than patients treated with one of these medicines. At age five, patients taking the combination of drugs had less joint damage and reported less pain and loss of mobility.

but remission rates did not improve for patients who have changed from a drug to the combination of drugs two years under treatment.

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"window of opportunity" The researchers concluded that the opportunity window to improve the results with the combined approach appears Close as the disease progresses. Their findings are published in the July issue of Arthritis magazine and rheumatism.

Early, Aggressive RA Treatment Best

"We show that the early institution of DMard combinations in patients with clinically active rheumatoid arthritis is favorable not only in terms of clinical disease activity, but also in terms of Long-term radiological progression ", researcher Markku Korpela, MD, PhD and colleagues observed.

but the president of the Arthritis John H. Klippel Foundation, MD, says with the best treatment approaches available, the results remain disappointing for many patients. In the Finnish study, 40% of the patients treated early with the combined approach reached two years in treatment, compared with 18% of patients treated with only one medicinal product. Five years in treatment there was no significant difference in the remission rates between the two groups - 28% at the beginning of patients with VS combination treatment. 21% in those initially treated with a medicine.

In the study of Korpela, the combination group received methotrexate, sulfosalazine and hydroxychlorine while the single drug group has only taken sulfosalazine.

Klippel tells WebMD that early treatment, combination approach represents an "incremental breakthrough" in previous treatments.

Future treatment advances but Klippel says he is optimistic about future treatment advances. In addition to Dmards, who have existed for years, several new drugs in a class known as biological or biological response modifiers were more recently approved for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. They include the Enbrel, Humira, Kineret and Remicade drugs.

Earlier this year, Sweden researchers reported much better results among patients treated with a combination of dmard methotrexate and biological enbrel than patients treated with patients treated with patients treated with patients treated with alone.

Korpela and colleagues note that the most recent drugs are also much more expensive than the oldest ones. They conclude that studies comparing combination treatments with and without biologies are "urgently needed".

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet