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First Period After Pregnancy: What to Expect - Fat Loss Full Body Workout

Your first period after pregnancy is also called postpartum period. When it occurs depends whether you breastfeed or not. Your menstrual cycle may be different after you have your baby.

Belly Fat Loss After Pregnancy - First Period After Pregnancy: What to Expect

Belly Fat Loss After Pregnancy
What to expect with your period after pregnancy

. When will you get your period after pregnancy? Parents who breastfeed all the time usually do not receive their period until they stop nursing. They can also get their periods if they stop nursing partially, especially at night. Parents who feed or make a combination of breastfeeding and bottle feed, can get their periods as soon as five weeks after giving birth.

When you breastfeed full time, your body produces more prolactin - the hormone that helps you produce milk for your baby. This hormone also prevents your time from coming.

According to a study, more than two-thirds of parents who do not breastfeed their first period after pregnancy within 12 weeks of origin. Only about a fifth of parents who breastfeed will have their period within six months of giving birth. If you are a father of breastfeeding, your menstrual cycle will return within one to two months after stopping breastfeeding your child or starting to significantly reduce the amount you nurse.

. Post-birth bleeding. If you had a section c or deliver vaginal, you will have bleeding for six to eight weeks after giving birth. However, this is not considered menstruation. It's called Lochia.

At first, your Lochia will be deep red, and you can spend some blood clots. These clots can be as big as a plum. As the days pass, the discharge will become more watery and disappear the growl or brownish. After a few weeks, Lochia is usually whitish or yellowish and may not be present every day.

Parents experiencing the Lochia after giving birth should only use menstrual cushions or maternity cushions, no plugs. Nothing should enter the vagina within six weeks of giving birth.

. You can still get pregnant. Even if you do not get your period after giving birth because you are breastfeeding, there is a small chance of getting pregnant because you still owl during this period. The risk is between one and five percent. Consider which birth control methods you will use to manage this risk.

First Period After Pregnancy: What To Expect

. As your period changes after pregnancy. Once your period returns, it may be different from what it was before. It can be heavier. You may have more or less cramps than before. Your periods can be irregular, especially if you are still breastfeeding at times. At first, you can have some more coagulation in your periods than before. Experts recommend seeking medical advice if you have blood clots in your period for at least a week.

Some people find that their periods are easier after pregnancy. This may be because the uterus extended and relaxed. Others think they are more difficult, which may be due to the largest, extended the uterus with more fabric to pour each cycle.

People with endometriosis often experience easier periods after pregnancy. However, this change is usually only temporary and more painful periods come back after a few months.

. Irregular periods. Just having a menstrual cycle after pregnancy does not mean that your periods would return. You may or may not have ovulated. You are more likely to ovule if you started weaning your child.

Does your period affect your milk supply?

Your menstrual cycle can affect your milk supply if you receive your period. In time between ovulation and when you get your period, your milk supply can be lower. Experts recommend to add calcium and magnesium to your diet to maintain a constant supply of breast milk throughout your cycle.

Have your period can also affect how your breast milk has a taste. Your baby can be fussier during feedings while you are menstrating due to a change in taste.

Your First Period After Childbirth | Oakdale ObGyn - Belly Fat Loss After Pregnancy

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