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For Diet Chart : Belly Fat Lowers Kidney Cancer Survival

by Robert Preidt

Health reporter

Drinks For Belly Fat Loss - Belly Fat Lowers Kidney Cancer Survival

Drinks For Belly Fat Loss

Monday, (health news) - Belly fat reduces a woman's chances to survive kidney cancer, but she is not a man, a new study suggests.

The study included 77 women and 145 men with kidney cancer. Half of women with high amounts of belly fat died within 3.5 years of diagnosis. Meanwhile, more than half of women with low amounts of belly fat were still alive after 10 years.

Researchers from the University of Medicine at the University of Washington in St. Louis did not find any connection between the survival of kidney cancer fat of belly and men.

The results suggest that renal cancer develops and progresses differently in men and women, study authors said.

"We are just beginning to study sex as an important variable in cancer," said Senior author Dr. Joseph Ippolito said in a launch of university news. Ippolito is an instructor in radiology. "Men and women have very different metabolisms. A tumor growing in a man's body is in a different environment than a crescent inside a woman, so it is not surprising that cancer behave differently between the sexes, "he explained.

Belly Fat Lowers Kidney Cancer Survival

Overweight is a large risk factor for renal cancer, but does not necessarily affect the chance of patient's survival. This study suggests, however, that the distribution of body fat affects the likelihood of women's survival. But it is not a cause and effect relationship.

"We know there are differences in the healthy male versus healthy female metabolism," Ippolito said. "Not only in relation to how fat is loaded, but as their cells use glucose, fatty acids and other nutrients. Then the fact that visceral [belly] matters for women, but not men suggest that something else is happening Of just excess weight. "

This research line can lead to better ways to treat women with renal cancer, added Ippolito.

The report was published online recently in radiology magazine.

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the smoothie diet