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Lose Fat in a Flash -- Here's How

-- Several years ago, Talk Show Star Oprah Winfrey entered his set by pulling a glass full of fat to demonstrate how much she had lost in a highly eliminated liquid diet. Her dramatic results gave hope to dieters throughout the country that could also lose weight quickly.

but Oprah's triumph did not last. Within a year, television superstar had recovered most of what she would lose.

A quick and painless path for a size 6 is the final dream of the Dieter. And at least one scientist gave hope to millions of dieters looking for a quick solution. The plan has no captivating name - yet. Originator James Anderson, MD, just calls VLCD, for very low-calorie diet.

the formula? Consuming only 900 calories per day, drinking only five weight loss shakes. Or dieters can also choose to receive the allowed calories, drinking three shakes and replacing two low calorie meals to others. When 112 people attempted the diet as part of Anderson's research, they have lost an average of 65 pounds over five months.

what is really impressive, however, is that most people have maintained 15 of those pounds - 23% of the initial loss - for more than five years, according to the results published in the December edition of 1999 The Journal of the American Nutrition College. This is significant because most people who lose weight can only keep 5% to 15% of their losses, says George Blackburn, MD, PhD, associate director of the Nutrition Division at Harvard Medical School.

"Our study shows that people do better if they bite the bullet and are desired and try to maintain it," says Anderson, the main author of the study and professor of medicine and clinical nutrition at the University of Kentucky Lexington. "It's a myth that if you lose weight slowly, you do better in the long run."

Fastest Body Fat Loss - Lose Fat in a Flash -- Here's How

Fastest Body Fat Loss
shaping a slim lifestyle Do not rush to slim fast yet. In addition to carefully controlling your calories, the researchers also trained the dieters on how to change their habits and forms of weight gain. Doctors and nutritionists in the study emphasized the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. Dieters learned how to count calories, evaluate the nutritional value of various foods and understand the importance of exercise. These parts of the program are essential for any weight loss regimen, not just Anderson. "Weight loss is not just to restrict calories," says Anderson.

other weight loss specialists agree. "Diet itself was an important element of Anderson's study, but if the subjects had not yet made substantial behavioral changes, the result would be very different," says Psychologist Tom Wadden, PhD, director of weight loss and eating disorders program At the University of Pennsylvania.

Research showed that such fast-track diets are just as good as they last, says John Foreyt, PhD, director of the Behavioral Medicine Research Center of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. "The rapid weight loss usually leads to fast weight gain," he says. "Very low calorie diets are diets that we can not live and I can not live. Most of the research shows that they are fixed short term, and when you leave the diet, you return to the old habits."

Lose Fat In A Flash -- Here's How

fighting the protuberance still interested in giving a quick weight loss an attempt? Anderson offers these tips, which he thinks he made the big difference to his dieters.

  • Exercise. Try to burn at least 2,000 calories through exercise every week. Start with a 10-minute walk a day, every day and work until at least 20 minutes of 10 minutes per week. Walking only one mile burns 150 calories.
  • Eat at least five portions per day of fruits and vegetables. "You have a lot of food for the calories," says Anderson. Three cups of broccoli, for example, contains approximately 120 calories - on the same as a tablespoon of butter or oil.
  • Incorporate meal replacement products into your daily or weekly menu. Meal replacements - be packaged foods such as lean kitchen, or shakes such as quick slim - are very useful for maintaining long-term weight loss. "Using only two meal replacements per week would be enough to accompany 10 pounds in a year," says Anderson. "This is very weight for a minimum change in food patterns."

THIS is How to Lose Fat (WORKS EVERY TIME!) - Fastest Body Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet