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Should You Jump on the Protein Bandwagon? - Healthy Late Night Snacks For Weight Loss

Jump Rope Workouts For Fat Loss - Should You Jump on the Protein Bandwagon?

Jump Rope Workouts For Fat Loss
Protein Star Power

in a report earlier this year, "perceptions and protein needs," Seifer and his co-authors observed that more than three quarters of consumers agree that protein contributes to a healthy diet, and more than half says they want Eat more of this. The study discovered that almost half of the primary supermarket buyers in a house bought protein enriched foods, and many are willing to pay a prize for them.

"I think people are getting tired of just talking about sugar or fat," says Frank Hu, MD, PhD, MPH, Nutrition Professor and Epidemiology at Harvard. "Protein has an energy image. It is really important for growth and muscular." (In June, reported that European women drove clear from protein drinks for that same reason: they were afraid to drink that they would do. with which they became too muscular. This is a myth.)

A report released in 2013 by another market research group, Mintel, concluded that U.S. is by far the largest market in the world for high protein products. Introductions of food and beverages making a high protein claim in 2012 were almost triple from any other country, according to the report.

Americans are looking for protein to help in satiety (e) weight management and increase muscle recovery and build muscles after a training, "Nirvana Chapman, a global analyst of the Mintel Food Science trend, says in a news version.

Should You Jump On The Protein Bandwagon?

Are we receiving enough?

And still, according to the latest data available, Americans are not exactly catching proteins.

They do not really need, according to the dietary guidelines of the 2010 Government, to be updated until next year. The guidelines, issued jointly by the US Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services, to give a lot of space when it comes to protein, recommending that adults over 18 receives 10% to 35% of their daily calories nutrient.

"No one is anywhere near 35%," says Trish Britten, PhD, a USDA nutritionist. "As a population, we are at 15.5%." And 5% of the 5% of protein eaters receive only 19.6% of their nutrient calories, Britten says.

The USDA only began to calculate the usual ingestion of protein Americans, says Britten, therefore, information on trends over time are not yet available. But if the consumption of saturated fat is any indication, the change occurs very slowly, it says.

"We are tracking saturated fat as a percentage of calories forever," says Britten, and she repents only 1% or 2% per decade. So despite the growing popularity of protein products, it is doubtful that Americans are eating much more than before it was all rage.

Protein Health Halo Contrary to gluten-free products, whose sales exploded in part due to the wrong belief that can help people lose weight, "health halo" that involves protein can be well deserved.

"The current American diet contains many refined carbohydrates," says Hu. "I think it's a good idea to replace at least some of the refined carbohydrates and added sugars with healthy protein sources such as nuts, legumes, dairy products without fat." In other words, negotiating a walnut chocolate bar for a handful of nuts may not be a bad idea.

What about protein and post bars? These products contain a high amount of protein - often serum protein, a byproduct of making cheese that used to be discarded, says Hu. "It's a good quality protein, and it's relatively inexpensive," he says. "It's a relatively simple way to get a high amount of protein. The question is: is it really necessary for most people? Most people should be able to get enough food protein."

If you are involved at a high level of physical activity, especially resistance training, you probably need more protein than the average individual, maybe up to 20% to 25% of your calories, Hu says. "We do not know how high it is too high," he says, though, given USDA data, few Americans are close to the upper limit of government diet guidelines.

"Unless you have pre-existing kidney problems, I do not have concerns about people eating large amounts of protein," says Yoni Fededhoff, MD, assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Ottawa and author of diet correction: Diets fail and how to do your job.

The key is to keep the sources thin and not eat much fat protein, like some red meat or full-greasy dairy. Which could lead to other health problems.

ways to get protein

If you want to increase your protein, cut into less nutritious foods, as Simple Carbs Hu says. "If you just added the protein bar or protein powder at the top of your diet, this can add to the weight gain," says Hu. Short-term studies suggest that replacing some carbohydrates with healthy protein - that is, nuts, beans and dairy products without fat - can improve levels of fats in the blood, but long-term effects are not known, it says.

The best way to minimize hunger is to eat protein at all meals, but many people no, freedhoff says. "Protein is the massive piece of meat you have with dinner," he says, while "breakfast is full of sugar."

non-fatty dairy products are a good source of protein, but thin liquid protein, as skimmed milk that you poured into your cereal, "it does not seem to have the same permanence power" as a smoothie rich in protein or solid food, says Freedhoff, founder and medical director of the Bariatric Medical Institute in Ottawa.

Free freehoff recommends that you think outside the box (cereal) at breakfast. Eggs, Greek yogurt, and cut steel oats with nuts - or any other protein rich food, for this subject - is a good choice for breakfast, he says.

As for protein and post bars, "I chose real food on a processed food product on any day of the week," says Freedhoff. That said, he calls protein bars "a large security net".

Eating a protein bar for lunch is better than jumping completely the meal, freedhoff says, and many are a healthier alternative than a chocolate bar to satisfy a desire for sweets.

"Personally," he says, "I use them occasionally when I am in a huge rush ... but I do not think they are miraculous products."

Protein Health vs. Hype - Jump Rope Workouts For Fat Loss

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