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The Belly Fat Burden: Reducing Your Waist Circumference - Weight Loss With Trulicity

You have probably read health news: belly fat - a great waist - can raise your risks for heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

and belly fat can be a sign of something else: metabolic syndrome, a group of health problems that include a lot of fat around the waist, high blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides and low "good" cholesterol HDL - All boost your risks of disease.

Make things worse, lose belly fat, sometimes looks scary. For many people, diet and exercise do not always work. Fortunately, we have options like medications for weight loss approved by the FDA and even surgery.

"All fat is challenging to leave, period," says Howard J. Eisenson, MD, Duke Diet Medical Director

Sit Ups For Belly Fat Loss - The Belly Fat Burden: Reducing Your Waist Circumference

Sit Ups For Belly Fat Loss
Losing belly fat with weight loss drugs

Meridia, Phentermine and Xenical are the most commonly used FDA drugs for the treatment of obesity. They are used for people with an IMC of 30 and above, or those who have an IMC of 27 and other medical conditions related to obesity. Both drugs are considered "moderately effective" in weight loss, with an average of 5 to 22 pounds over a period of one year.

Meridia works by increasing brain chemicals such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine so that people feel filled earlier after they eat. Binds to fat cells in the gastrointestinal tract to prevent them from being absorbed, then the body eliminates about 30% fat that is consumed.

"Xenical and meridia tend to help for about six months on average," says Eisenson. "Then your main benefit is like a weight loss maintenance advisor, which is not a trivial thing. That's how Xenical and Meridia work better ... helping people keep the weight of slack."

Drugs work best when combined with lifestyle changes, survey suggests. In a study, men and obese women lost much more weight, changing eating habits and exercise - and taking meridia - compared to those based on any modification of lifestyle or medication alone.

lose belly fat - what else works?

The drug of diabetes byetta is also showing great promise in weight loss, says Eisenson. "I know diabetologists are very excited about this drug for overweight diabetic."

BYETTA delays "gastric emptying" "essentially keep food in the intestine a little more, then you feel along, explain it. Patients taking BYETTA do not need insulin so much, a good thing, since insulin can increase appetite, Eisenson explains. Low-grade nausea is a side effect, which can help reduce appetite.

Other types of medicines were investigated for weight loss, but did not show much promise: the WELLBUTRIN antidepressant, the topamax of antisaceutical drugs and the genophage of diabetes medication. "The weight loss effect with everyone is quite modest," says Eisenson.

The Belly Fat Burden: Reducing Your Waist Circumference

Balcony products for belly fat

As for the "Final Fat Burner" and similar products in general, "I practically demitted all with a stroke," says Eisenson. "Your big captivating names do not correspond to reality. When there is effectiveness, it is very modest in fact - not enough to justify the cost."

There are security concerns with these products, adds. "Because they are not regulated by the FDA, you do not know about your strength and purity. Many of these products are packed with ingredients of plants and herbs. You do not really know what you are receiving - how much is there. There is the potential for interaction with the Prescriptions that people are taking. "

In addition, there are concerns about risk of attack and heart attack, Eisenson tells WebMD. "Some of these products have a stimulating effect that can cause suppression of appetite, but it also stimulates the cardiovascular system. The bottom line I say to my patients: I do not think any of these products can be recommended."

Bariatric surgery: last belly fat feature

For many people, bariatric weight loss surgery is a good option as a last resort, says Eisenson. These procedures can shrink the volume of the stomach so that people feel full earlier and lose weight. Bariatric surgeries (also gastric bypass calls) can also reduce nutrient absorption, causing weight loss.

"If your back is against the wall, you are suffering from health problems, and your quality of life is significantly compromised, it is an appropriate option," says WebMD. "If you are unable to achieve a significant and lasting weight loss through non-surgical measurements, you owe yourself to consider bariatric surgery."

A study analyzed 197 obese people who were submitted to gastric bypass surgery. He compared his weight loss and risk factors to a similar group of obese patients who did not have the procedure. Everyone was on a rigorous diet and exercise program to help them lose weight.

At the end of three years, there were impressive differences. The surgery group lost an average of 77 pounds, while others have not lost any weight. In addition, LDL cholesterol levels fell 40 points, body mass index fell 15 points, and 19% fewer people had diabetes. His need for lowered cholesterol medication fell 61% as well.

Another study investigated gastric surgery for mild to moderately obese people. In this surgery, patients had an adjustable band placed around the opening of the stomach, creating a small purse. After two years, patients who had gastric bands lost an average of 21% (45 pounds) of his body weight. The other group lost 5.5% (12 pounds) via strict calorie restriction, weight loss drugs and other lifestyle interventions.

New research is showing that gastric bypass surgery also has a dramatic impact on hormones that boost hunger. A study of nine morbid obese patients found that only six weeks after surgery, hunger reduced hormone secretions, YY (Pyy) peptide and glucagon (GLP-1) peptide were significantly altered. These hormones showed a role in the control of the appetite signaling the body that is no longer hungry after meals.

Bariatric surgery in fact showed impressive results, says Eisenson, adding that the procedure is safer and more effective than most of us perceives. "I am very envious of the results that can be achieved quickly. You can deeply reduce health risks related to obesity.

Obesity & Your Waist Circumference | Obesity - Sit Ups For Belly Fat Loss

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