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Weight Loss In Depression : Belly Fat Bad for Your Lungs?

ignite that "spare tire" around your waist can put the tightness in your lungs, a new French study shows.

Scientists are very suspicious of abdominal obesity to represent their own health risks, in addition to being overweight. Abdominal obesity is a component of metabolic syndrome, which also includes a low-level "good" HDL cholesterol, a high level of triglycerides (blood fats), high blood pressure and high blood sugar. People with at least three of the components are considered as metabolic syndrome. Having metabolic syndrome increases the risk of developing heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

The current study shows that metabolic syndrome is also associated with impaired pulmonary function. In addition, abdominal obesity - compared to other factors - is more firmly linked to pulmonary function deficiency.

Researchers in France have recruited more than 120,000 people. They performed a physical examination with blood tests, and verified demographic information, smoking status, measured their waists and tested their pulmonary function.

Belly Fat Loss Home Remedies - Belly Fat Bad for Your Lungs?

Belly Fat Loss Home Remedies

Belly Fat Bad For Your Lungs?

Abdominal Distension: The 6 Fs that can help your diagnosis - Belly Fat Loss Home Remedies

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet