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Weight Loss In One Month : Restaurant Calories: 'Extreme Eating'

Do you need a reality Check for restaurant calories? A group of consumers says this; But the restaurant industry says customers have many healthy options.

Spat on fat and calories at the Food Restaurant began with an article published by NonProfit Center for Science, in the public interest (CSPI) in its Nutrition Health Charter.

The cspi has, in the past, criticized the Chinese, Italian unhealthy and another restaurant rate.

The new CSPI article entitled "X-Treme Eating", highlights eight chain menu items restaurants with high calories, saturated fat and salt.

Here is a look at these items:

  • Ruby Tuesday Colossal hamburger (two large patties, bread and American cheese and Monterey Jack): 1,940 calories and 141 grams of fat.
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  • Uno Chicago Grill Pizza Skins (deep pizza with mozzarella, puree of potatoes, crunchy bacon, cheddar, and sour cream: 2,050 calories with 48 grams of fat and 3,140 milligrams (MG) sodium.
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  • On the border quesadillas of the stacked club (two white flour tortillas with chicken fajita, cheese, crumbled bacon and avocado, served with sour cream and ranch sauce): 1.860 calories, 52 grams of saturated fat and 3,140 mg sodium .
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  • Ruby Tuesday Fresh Chicken

    Fat Loss Extreme For Her - Restaurant Calories: 'Extreme Eating'

    Fat Loss Extreme For Her
    Complete Disclosure? Restaurant industry responds

    The CSPI article is half-cooked, according to the National Restaurant Association.

    The 935,000 restaurants and departures from America "provide a wide variety of locations and numerous menu options to meet anyone's dietary needs and preferences," says the association in a news version.

    "pointing to some menu items selected in some selected restaurants as high in calories, and generalizing this for the entire restaurant fare is misleading, inaccurate, and makes the public a serious disservice," says the association.

    "Virtually all restaurants provide healthy options," and customers can request that chefs are calories or fats, the association says.

    Many national chain restaurants provide nutritional information, membership notes. As many diners customize your orders, the association says it would be difficult to post simple nutritional information on menu and menu boards.

    Restaurant Calories: 'Extreme Eating'

    "Food Police"

    What you put on your plate is your business, whether decadent refuge or spa kitchen, according to the association.

    Diners are "free to choose what to eat, be aware of calorie and fat intake, or delivering with your favorite dishes," says the association.

    "Our research shows that 95% of research interviewees feel that they are qualified to make their own food choices, and more than two of three (68%) say they are tired of the" food police "telling them what to eat "says the association.

    - Fat Loss Extreme For Her

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