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Weight Loss Plan For Vegan : Drink Water, Fight Fat?

by Robert Preidt

. Health reporter

Elliptical Or Treadmill For Fat Loss - Drink Water, Fight Fat?

Elliptical Or Treadmill For Fat Loss

Thursday, 18 May, 2017 (HealthDay News) - If you choose a glass of water instead of a beer or a sweetened soda with sugar, at least once a day, you can reduce the risk of obesity, a New claims study.

The researchers followed almost 16,000 adults in Spain for an average of 8.5 years. None were obese at the beginning of the study. During this study, almost 900 participants became obese.

The study discovered that drinking a glass of water instead of a beer every day reduced the risk of obesity by 20 percent. Switching a soda sweetened with water sugar every day was associated with 15 percent of a lower risk of developing obesity.

Those who replaced water for beer also had a slight decrease in the average weight of 0.7 pounds over four years.

The study can not prove a direct cause and effect connection, but the researchers have attempted account for other factors that can affect the risk, such as age, family history of levels of obesity and physical activity.

The researchers also found that the replacement of other types of drinks with water does not reduce the risk of obesity. Other beverages included: brown milk, reduced milk fat content, skim milk, wine, spirits, soda diet, coffee, orange juice and other juices


More studies "Based on actual interventions are needed to confirm these potential effects. As obesity entails a high risk for the development of other diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, the possible effects of replacing these drinks with water is an important Target to consider in future public health surveys, "the authors of the study said.

The study team was conducted by Ujue Fresan from the Institute for Biomedicine Research in Barcelona.

The study should be presented Wednesday at the European Congress on Obesity in Porto, Portugal. The study was also published in the newspaper nutrients.

Drink Water, Fight Fat?

- Elliptical Or Treadmill For Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet