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Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Moderately Obese, Too

by Serena Gordon

. Health reporter

Does Water Help With Weight Loss - Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Moderately Obese, Too

Does Water Help With Weight Loss

Tuesday, June 4 (health news) - for extremely obese, the benefits of weight loss surgery usually exceed the risks of the procedure. Now, the new research suggests that it can be true for less obese people as well.

For those who are slightly or moderately obese, weight loss surgery can improve type 2 diabetes, high pressure and higher cholesterol more effective than conventional diabetes management changes and lifestyle, new surveys suggest.

"We are seeing a pattern in these studies. There is a definitive impact on diabetes after surgery. Some people do not respond so well, but most do," said Bruce Wolfe, Professor of Surgery and CO. -Director of bariatric surgery at Oregon Health

Weight loss surgeries - including gastric bypass and gastric bands - were associated with greater weight loss than non-surgical treatments. Weight loss surgeries have led to up to 32 to 53 pounds more weight loss and also to greater improvements in blood sugar levels.

"I think we find some promising results for the lower IMC patients with diabetes. There were better results in terms of glucose control [blood sugar] and weight loss for one to two years. What we have a way to provide Some kind of successful treatment is exciting. But we still do not know how these changes are sustainable. We need longer and longer studies, "said Dr. Melinda Maggard-Gibbons, the leader review author, and a teacher associated with Santa. Monica. , Calif.

The second study included 120 people from four teaching hospitals in the United States and Taiwan. Everyone participated in an intensive lifestyle and medical management before the study, and half of the group received gastric bypass surgery.

All had an IMC between 30 and 39.9, with an average of 34.3 in the Medical Management Group and 34.9 in the Surgery Group. They also had type 2.


A year later, 28 people from the surgery group and 11 people from the medical management group reached the objectives of the study. These goals were to have a level of HbA1C below 7% (a measure that indicates good blood sugar control); LDL or "bad" cholesterol of less than 100 milligrams per decilitre; and systolic blood pressure (the higher number) of less than 130.

Overall, those in the surgical group needed three small medications. They also lost significantly more than their initial body weight - about 26% for the surgical group compared to 8% for the medical management group, the study found.

However, there were 22 serious adverse events in the surgical group compared to 15 in the Medical Management Group. And, a person in the surgical group had several complications that eventually led to brain damage, which will probably be permanent.

Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Moderately Obese, Too

"The risk of these surgeries is fundamentally low, but we can not make it zero. Most complications can be managed. But disasters can occur, and if you are that, any benefit of surgery is lost," Wolfe said. .

Cost is another problem. A weight loss surgery can cost $ 20,000 and rise, according to the National Diabetes Institute and Digestive Diseases and RIM. And, insurance may or may not pay for the procedure, as there will still be clear evidence of a long-term benefit to people who are less obese.

"There are a number of taxpayer factors to be considered. At some point, surgery will be identified to work better in some and not as well in others. We understand this in cancer treatment, and we want to be able to be able to Do the same thing with weight loss surgery, and this is a part of the process to get there, "said Wolfe.

So what people should with lower level obesity and type 2 diabetes? Wolfe said to start making a concerted effort to lose weight and exercise regularly, and to ensure that you use any prescribed diabetes medication for you exactly how your doctor directs you.

"If that does not work, consider surgery. If you have risk factors such as diabetes, you can appeal to a negative insurance decision and ask for an exception," he suggested.

Maggard-Gibbons also suggested talking to his doctor or a bariatric surgeon about the possibility of signing up for a clinical trial.

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