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Workout Is Likely Working - Fat Loss With Yoga

15 Minute Hiit Workout For Fat Loss - Workout Is Likely Working

test15 Minute Hiit Workout For Fat Loss
If it appears that you are pushing yourself, you are probably doing enough to help your heart.

A new study analyzes this issue of exercise intensity. While today's heart association guidelines require "moderate intense activity", it is not always clear to exercise if they are doing enough. Should we push the envelope a little more? This study is intended to clean the mystery.

"We always said that a good and moderate activity was a quick walk, 6 mph ... if you are a marathon runner, this is a piece of cake. But if you are my 93 a Old candle, this is not very realistic, she could not do this: "Lead Researcher I-Min Lee, MBBS, SCD, Medical Professor at Harvard Medical School, tells WebMD.

His study appears in the current issue of circulation: American Heart Association Journal.

in it, Lee and colleagues accompany the health of nearly 7,400 men - all in their 60s - to see how the intensity of their workout stacked against incidence of heart disease from 1988 to 1995. Men classified their activities as weak or less intense, moderate, a bit strong or strong and intense. They found that 551 men developed heart disease - heart attacks or angina - or they had cardiac procedures, including bypass or angioplasty from a clogged artery.

Who has not developed heart disease? Those who described their workouts as "intense" had 40% less risk, Lee reports.

your general rule: "If you feel a bit difficult, then it's good for you. You're getting some heart benefit."

The study showed that the exercise effort perceived by the patient was a strong predictor of future heart health, even among those who did not reach the current recommendation for moderate intense physical activity.

right, says Joseph Miller, MD, preventive cardiologist from Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. "There is a great misconception, that when we tell people to leave and exercise, we are not trying to turn it into a marathoner. The real goal is to start exercising, and struggling until you are tired." / p>. "I think we discourage people sometimes," says Miller. "People have a vision that they need to use spandex and go out and kill themselves, and this is not really the goal. If you are accustomed to sit at a table all day, a 20 minute walk is what you need. You You do not need to be a speed walk. "

Workout Is Likely Working

- 15 Minute Hiit Workout For Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet
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