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An Allergy-Free Vacation: It's Possible With Planning

If it is pollen in Puerto Rico or a pillow of feathers in Switzerland, allergic triggers can stay on the way to vacation.

Careful planning can avoid many problems. Here are tips on what to do beforehand to ensure a happy, holiday without allergy.

Meal Planning For Fat Loss - An Allergy-Free Vacation: It's Possible With Planning

Meal Planning For Fat Loss
Preparing for your trip
  • Talk to your doctor. See if your doctor suggests anything to avoid or special precautions.
  • Search. Which drives will you find when you are missing? Remember that pollen stations vary in different parts of the country and the world. Check the weather and pollen forecasts and plan your trip around them.
  • Choose the right place to go. If Pollen is your problem, go to the beach - pollen counts are low on the coast. Mites are rare in the mountains, as they do not like elevations above 2,500 feet. Low temperatures kill the mold.
  • Be picky when booking a room. Ask for a non-smoking room and make sure your hotel does not accept pets. See if you can get a room with naked floors, since the carpet allergens pitfalls. Make sure your room has AC, since it will filter pollen and mold.
  • Get medical identification jewelry. If you have an allergy that threatens to life, take a necklace or bracelet that says what you are allergic.
  • Packing your bag
  • Medical kit. Always take a bag with any allergy supplies you need - anti- histamines, decongestants, eye drops, creams, fabrics and cough drops. Make sure all your medications are in your original bottles - this will save problems in the airport security. Keep the kit on your handbag.
  • epinephrine. If you have a serious food allergy or insect, pack two epinephrine injection kits for emergencies.
  • Pillow. Bring your own, preferably with a mite-proof pillowcase. You may want to bring your own mattress cover as well.
  • Information about your allergies. Have information about your allergies that you can distribute to the restaurant or hotel staff. If you are in a foreign country, make sure you are in the local language.

  • An Allergy-Free Vacation: It's Possible With Planning

    making the trip
    • Traveling by car. Keep your windows rolled up. Use your air conditioner to filter the air. Do not rent a car someone smoked. Travel early in the morning or late at night when the pollen counts are lower and there is less traffic.
    • Travel by plane. Antihistamine before you embark on the plane. If you have food allergies, notify the airline before, or eat only safe snacks that you packed. Stay hydrated drinking many liquids and avoiding alcohol.

    - Meal Planning For Fat Loss

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