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Detox Diets: Juice Up Your Health?

is a convincing argument: the vegetables we eat, the air we breathe, even our drinking water is full of toxins. So freeing the body of toxins is certainly a good thing, right? Not everyone agrees.

This is the premise of detox diets, best known as detox diets. For many people, detoxification is a ritual form of spring cleaning. However, while the theories behind detox diets may seem beneficial, are controversial. Some experts say they are useless, sometimes even dangerous.

"There is no scientific evidence to support claims for [DETERS DETERS]," says Alternative-Medicine Guru Andrew Weil, MD, Host of and Director of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona in Tucson . "But there are things you can do to review the body's own systems," he says to WebMD.


Detox Juice For Weight Loss - Detox Diets: Juice Up Your Health?

Detox Juice For Weight Loss
Spring Cleaning: No vacuum required It is true that our bodies naturally eliminate the toxins we eat or inhalam, explains the beautiful page, author of the book detoxification. "Detoxification is a normal process of the disposal body or neutralization of toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic glands and skin.

"Just as our hearts beat non-stop and our lungs breathe continuously, then our metabolic processes continually eliminate the toxic subject accumulated," she explains.

page has its own theory about why there is a need for detox diets. It counts the WebMD environmental toxins of modern life that we are exposed to - pollutants, chemicals, other synthetic substances - are more than the average body can handle. "The body does not know what to do with strange substances, so it will store them out of the regular elimination system, so we are not poisoned. These poisons begin to build in our body fat."

Her weekend detox program involves drinking fruit juice-a lot of juice and little more-that, according to it, pushes these toxins out of your system, says the page.

She also recommends taking "cleaning boosters," such as herbal laxatives and colonies as well as probiotics (which replenish healthy bacteria) and antioxidants during the weekend program. Relaxation Techniques - Therapeutic Massage, Sauna, Aromatherapy Baths, Deep Breathing Exercises, Hiking - Helps Complete Cleaning, SHE SAY.

Detox Diets: Juice Up Your Health?

eating vegetarian and fasting Richard Deandrea, MD, ND, has developed a 21-day detoxification program. During the first week, you follow a rigorous vegan plants based on plants - without meat, without dairy. The second week is just fruit and raw vegetables.

on the third week, you are drinking fruit juices and special smoothies some called "green sludge". According to your site, smoothies contain a "superfood" supplement especially mixed for detoxification - powdered alfalfa, barley grass, algae, herbs, enzymes and antioxidants.

but for purists like Chris Strychacz, PhD, a research psychologist from the naval health research center in San Diego, fasting (only "water") is the way to go. He is fasting for at least 25 years now, a long week annual ritual every spring.

Although there are no study of juice-fast diets, the water fasting has some scientific evidence behind it, "but very scares," he admits.

The benefit For some people, a detox diet can be a first step to healthier eating, says Cindy Moore, MS, RD, director of nutritional therapy at Cleveland Clinical Foundation, and an American spokesman Dietetic Association.

"If that means someone decided to eat a vegetarian diet, the benefit may be that they are consuming more fruits and vegetables than they usually do, more plant based on plants," says Moore. "But I would not consider it to be detox."

problems It is true that pesticides are stored in body fat. "But there is no evidence that a detox regimen, which works in the GI tract [gastrointestinal], will do anything to get rid of these stored pesticides," says Chris Rosenbloom, PhD, RD, associated Dean from the Health College and Human Sciences and Nutrition Professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

A healthy body does not need help to rid the toxins, Rosenbloom tells WebMD. "There is no reason to make any type of detoxification. Toxins do not need to be forced by some kind of fasting or laxative or enema regime."

In fact, some measures - like colonies - "can be dangerous because you are introducing something strange in your body that could cause infection or perforation of your gut," says Rosenbloom.

Also, detox diets is not a great way to lose weight, it explains. "Everything you lose is the weight of the water." Stay in the diet for a long time, and you can lose muscle mass instead of fat - which will slow your metabolism. This translates into weight loss, she says.

WEIL WORDS Forget detox diets, says Weil. "The best thing you can do is stop putting toxins on your system. Organic foods, drinking water that is purified, do not be around second-hand smoke - the obvious things."

- Detox Juice For Weight Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet