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Growth Hormone: Fat Fighter

It may seem contradictory, but a dose of growth hormone may be just what obese people need to help them lose pounds and become smaller.

A new study shows that obese people have lower levels than normal growth hormone in their body, which can hinder weight loss.

Researchers have discovered that low doses of growth hormone have helped men and women lose fat while they keep the muscle. It also helped them keep it up to nine months.

Fat Loss Extreme Pdf - Growth Hormone: Fat Fighter

Fat Loss Extreme Pdf
Growth hormone requests weight loss Researchers say the goal of weight loss is to lose fat, but keep muscle, but so far there were no drugs to help people achieve this.

The study, published in the current edition of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and metabolism, analyzed the effects of giving low people of growth hormone doses in an attempt to help them lose fat selectively while retaining muscle tissue.

Researchers say previous studies on growth hormone and weight loss used relatively high doses, which have resulted in unwanted side effects such as swelling, hypertension, joint pains and glucose intolerance (a factor risk for diabetes).

The study consisted of 59 obese men and women whose IMC average was 37 (BMI is a weight measure for height). Participants were nocturnal injections containing 200 μg of growth hormone or placebo for a month. In the next five months, growth hormone dosage was increased to 400 μg per day in men and 600 μg in women. The researchers say the increase was needed because previous studies show drug resistance can develop over time, especially among women. Both groups were prescribed a diet and were instructed in the modification of lifestyle and exercise.

Among the 39 people who completed the treatment of 6 months and follow-up, the study showed that those who used growth hormone lost an average of about 5 pounds and remained for up to nine months. Researchers say that weight loss was entirely caused by a loss of body fat.

in contrast, those in placebo have lost an average of just a bit more than one ounce in total body weight and less than a pound in body fat. The loss of body fat was predominantly on the trunk and not the hips or ends. This type of central fat distribution is associated with cardiovascular disease.

Growth Hormone: Fat Fighter

The study also showed that growth hormone improved cholesterol profiles - increasing the "good" HDL cholesterol level by 19%. There was no significant change in fasting levels of glucose or insulin resistance, which indicates risk of diabetes.

Researchers say findings show that obese people may suffer from an abnormally low level of growth hormone in the body that can hinder fat loss and achieve a healthy cholesterol level. They say more studies should analyze the role of growth hormone as part of behavioral and drug-related strategies to promote weight loss.

The study was supported in part by a grant of Pfizer, Inc., which manufactures a growth hormone product.

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the smoothie diet