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New Fat-Loss Drug Resets Brain's Weight Setpoint

People who have taken an experimental drug obesity lost 10 pounds in 12 weeks -. And lost another pound, even after interruption treatment

Animal studies have demonstrated the drug operates by replacing nominal brain weight value, essentially a less weight seems natural. Other weight loss drugs makes the sensation of the body as if they were starving - and when the treatment stops, the animals respond by feeding and fast recovery of weight. But even with access to all the food they wanted, excess weight animals that received the new drug has thinner and stood like this.

The drug, called axokine, is a genetically modified version of a natural brain chemical, called CNTF, which causes new brain cells to grow. It is being developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Tarrytown, N. Y.

"[A] Notable property that loss distinguishes ... Weight [with CNTF treatment] of forced diet is that treatment [stop] does not result in excess eating binge and weight gain immediate rebound "Note Regeneron Researchers Philip Lambert, PhD, and colleagues in the report published in Proceedings magazine, scientific journal of the National Academy of Sciences. "This is apparently because of the [your] ability to reduce food intake without firing ... signs of hunger and responses to associated stress. [He] can change, at least for a while, corporal weight settings encoded in the [brain]."

The Regeneron study team refused to speak directly to WebMD because of the federal regulations that limit the officers of a company can tell when he is about to make a public offer offer.

A test in humans reported at a medical meeting last month showed that obese people who received the most effective dose of Axokine has lost almost 10 pounds over 12 weeks of treatment. Unlike previous weight loss drugs, these patients did not immediately recover the weight - in fact, they lost another pound during the first six weeks they were out of the drug, and they kept their lost weight off for a minimum period of six weeks after the interruption of the medicine. People who received false injections gained about 1 ¾ pounds for the first 12 weeks and won almost 2 pounds over the next 12 weeks.

Almonds Fat Loss - New Fat-Loss Drug Resets Brain's Weight Setpoint

Almonds Fat Loss

A pioneering search in the field, Satya P. Kalra, MD, says WebMD that the drug works a lot like leptin, a natural substance that tells the brain when the body no longer needs food. The leptin would make a large weight loss drug - except that when a person becomes obese, it becomes resistant to it in the same way that a diabetic person becomes insulin resistant. This new drug, however, even works in mice with the same type of leptin resistance induced by the diet that humans develop.

"This article suggests that they produced a ... drug [which can reduce] body weight in situations where we know leptin is unable to act", Kalra tells WebMD. "They think that [He] is very effective in circumventing leptin resistance. You are deceiving nature, in a way, presenting another molecule to the [brain] that activates the same signs of leptin."

In fact, he says, the approach does not totally deceive nature, because the brain usually releases these types of substances when someone is sick, causing the loss of family appetite for those who are sick. / p>.

Kalra, Neuroscience teacher at the University of Florida, notes that CNTF is a brain brain growth factor naturally that helps the brain grow during early childhood. When he was discovered, the researchers hoped he could be used to help people with brain diseases such as Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS). But when it was given to ALS patients, they lost their appetites and had dramatic weight loss - a dangerous side effect for these patients.

Only later, when a younger study in the Kalra lab showed that CNTF acts like leptin, a possible antiobesity drug was considered.

"From this article, it appears that they did something for this molecule, so only the effects of weight and weight reduction are left," says Kalra. "So this gives us direction for future studies. I hope you can redesign these [substances] to keep the effects we want and lose those we do not want."

in the recently reported human judgment, participants received axochine by injection only under the surface of the skin. The side effects included nausea, vomiting and cough - most frequent and serious in the largest dose group, which received double the most effective dose. Another serious side effect seen in previous studies is the reactivation of the cooled herpes. These side effects are rarely, if always, seen in patients treated with lower and more effective doses of the drug.

New Fat-Loss Drug Resets Brain's Weight Setpoint

does anyone want to use a drug of injectable weight loss?

"It seems a reasonable possibility for me," he noted the obesity researcher Richard Palmiter, PhD, Biochemistry professor at the University of Washington in Seattle.

"The thing is that most people who are very obese are also diabetic and are used to inject with insulin," he says to WebMD. "So, injecting [something] as [axofino] would not be an uncommon of treatment. But people slightly overweight will not be very interested in injecting daily."

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