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Next Miracle Weight-Loss Drug? - Faster Way To Fat Loss Pdf

Mice once again give hope for human beings in search of that miracle weight loss medicine.

Researchers have found that a molecule that keeps the rats feeling full after a meal also seems to keep their appetites in check.

The discovery translates into good news to people with overweight they have tried from everything and are waiting for an effective weight loss medicine.

researcher leader Jin Fu, pharmacologist with the University of California in Irvine, published his report in the current issue of nature.

the molecule, known as omelectanolamide (OAS), occurs naturally in the blood of mice and humans, writes fu. In the normal functions of the body, the OAS regulates several genes related to metabolism.

However, researchers did not completely understand how the OAS regulates our eating behaviors.

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short and long-term effects in mice

In several studies, Fu discovered how the OAS produces fullness and reduces weight gain in mice.

in its first study, fu gave rates and normal mice without PPar-alpha, a structure on the surface of cells where OAS interacts.

Normal mice ate less than mice without PPAR-Alpha.

In fact, OAS also seemed to keep the normal lean mice, he adds. FU discoveries suggest that the OAS can not only help in weight loss, but can also help in maintaining normal weight.

In a second study, Fu fed a fatty food for both groups of mice until fat. So they have OEA daily for four weeks. Normal mice ate less and earned less weight, but the mice missing PPAR-Alpha did not have such luck.

So both OAS and PPAR-alpha may be required for short-term satiety and weight control, but also for long-term control, writes fu.

These insights into obesity mechanisms can lead to better weight loss drugs or other treatments, Fu concludes.


Source: Fu, J. Nature, 4 September 2003; Vol 425: PP 90-93.

Next Miracle Weight-Loss Drug?

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet