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Preparing for Hair Restoration Surgery

Non Surgical Fat Loss - Preparing for Hair Restoration Surgery

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You will receive specific instructions for your surgeon on how to prepare for hair transplant surgery. It is imperative that you follow these instructions for the letter to help ensure that your surgery is discarded and without complications.

The guidelines provided will include information about drinking, smoking and avoiding certain vitamins and medications. If you smoke, it is extremely important to stop at least two weeks before surgery and at least one month after the procedure. Smoking inhibits blood flow to the skin and can interfere with healing and the result of hair transplantation.

You should wash your hair in the morning of surgery and avoid using style products that day. Most surgeons suggest not cut their hair for at least a month before surgery to ensure good coverage of the donor's website.

You should not drive home alone after surgery. You should arrange a tour and plan down for a few days. Even though many doctors say you can return to work after a day or two, realistically you should plan to take a little week of your work.

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Preparing For Hair Restoration Surgery

- Non Surgical Fat Loss

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet