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Q&A With Kevin Hart - Fast Weight Loss Meal Plans

You are the star of two next comedies, over the past night and walk together. How do you feel like the main man?

"oh man, you know what? I'm just in a great place now. My workload is definitely going up and now I'm in a place where my opportunities are growing and getting Much bigger. In fact, it's time for me to go upstairs, instead of not being ready for the situation, not be prepared. It's time to climb to the challenge. I think so far I have, and I'll continue to do that. "

So clearly you are in great demand now. What are you looking for when considering a role?

"Now, it's all about progression. You want to choose papers that will put you in a place where you can continue to grow. It's all about challenging. You do not want to do the same thing. more or more. It's a thing to be in a relationship movie, but it's something completely different to be in a relationship movie and be the guy in the relationship. Take about last night I had never been in a movie where I was The relationship guy, and this is something that attracted me to the paper. It's a great movie, based on a great movie that people love, and try to modernize and do right was a good thing for me. "

Kevin James Weight Loss - Q&A With Kevin Hart

Kevin James Weight Loss

When did you find out it was funny?

"I've always been a funny guy, but when I went to the community college and I was working at the same time, I was known as the guy who would hold the court. But kind that hit me When some of my friends continued suggesting that I look for the comedy. They said, "You're funny like hell." You hear that kind of enough thing and eventually you'll try. When I did, I fell in love with it and I knew. That would be my career. "

You've talked about your first experiences on stage, being vain and avoiding half-eaten chicken wings. What led you to continue? What makes the comedy so important to you?

"That was at the beginning of my career. Comedy at that moment was still not something I had really adapted, but it was something I would look for, something I respected, something I wanted to be good at and I never had any of this in the My life. I've never had anything I put my whole. When I found the comedy, I fell in love with comedy. I was, like, "That's it." P>.

Q&A With Kevin Hart

How do you prepare to run? Have you changed over the years?

"When I started there were rituals and prepared and meditation, but now I have been so long that I kind of I stayed down. It's a different kind of excitement for me now. It's fun . To do something I love and make people laugh, to have fun, to talk about what I want to talk about, just not this pressure on me that you used to be. "

Is the biggest difference to run live and to the camera?

"Have a live audience, having this immediate feedback, listening that laughs, is what you live, is what you love more - auditory galways, listening to this answer. When you live , when you hear this reaction, it's motivation not just to continue, but to continue listening to this laughter and hearing grow. I do not think there is a better feel in the world. "

There's something that Are not you going to play?

"I'm not big in playing about politics or jokes pointed at the gay community. This is not my schedule. This is not what I strive to do. I leave these things alone. Things really changed between where The comedy is now and where it used to be. "

You have two small children. Did any of them get the funny gene?

"My daughter, your personality only makes me laugh, but I would say my children have my funny gene."

The family is a favorite topic for you on stage. Is there a joke that you told about your children you expect them to ever hear?

"No, no, all I said comes from a funny place, and I think my children will understand while they get older and respect it."

Is a parent changed how you see your work anyway? A ton of material is certainly provided.

"no, it's just given me a different level of being focused, that's all."

Do you make a point to eat well?

"I'm big in the chicken, roasted chicken, for grilled chicken for fried chicken, but I'm not a big face of proportion. I do not exaggerate with my meals. I get active . What I put, I burned this. "

What are your food guilty?

"Buffalo wings".

Is there anything about your health you would like to know 10 to 15 years ago?

"No, I do not think so. I'm a very healthy guy without problems."

What is your best health habit?


your worst?

"Do not be able to refuse buffalo wings."

Who makes you laugh?

"Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Comedy Kings, Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld, George Carlin, Steve Martin, the list continues." <

What advice would you give someone who wants a career in comedy?

"My advice is simple: you can not be great in something if you are afraid to try. The beauty of the comedy stand up is that everyone thinks they are funny or want to be funny, But very few have the balls to get there and try to do it. The few who can find success. But it takes time. Somewhere, somewhere on this road, this journey, for success, you will find things that keep you. Going, keeping you motivated, then just try hard. "

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