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Q&A With Nick Lachey - What Diet Should I Follow

Entertainer Nick Lachey, 39, says she's a surprised new father, delighted and challenged him - and gave him something new to sing.

. You have two nephews. This experience prepared you for having your own child, Camden?

"To some extent, yes, in any experience you have is good. I mean, at least I had changed some diapers and all this. But it's another ball name when it's your own son - and certainly when you 'Re change from several diapers per day. With this and with everything, you learn about the fly and learn fast. "

. Was it hard to watch your little brother have children before you, when was it something you always wanted?

"You know, it was not really. I just knew that a time ago and a place for everything and that eventually I would get to the place where my life was ready for a child."

. What was the most challenging part of this first year of paternity for you and your wife, Vanessa?

"Oh, definitely the first days at home with Camden. You're still so young as a parent, and he's so young, and there's just all this uncertainty. You just do not want to screw up. Even so than the first trip home. From the hospital it was incredibly nervous. "

. Does sleep deprivation been an important issue?

"I think we had a lot of luck and made some good choices in terms of how he sleeps. He is a great baby - very relaxed and has slept overnight for months. But I think this is also because both read a lot From books to prepare for sleep problems, and we make sure we do not travel much within your first 6 months to put you in a very strict schedule. Keeping yourself to this schedule is the best thing we have done. When he rested, he is happy - and we are us. "

. What did you do to keep Camden and yourself healthy during your first year?

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"Like most typical new parents, we were very vigilant about the germs when he was very young - then anyone who was in close contact with him had to scrub. But otherwise I think they were very soft, in the To begin with, I tried not to gain any weight of pregnancy sympathy. This is in part only because of the business in which I am, but also in part, then I feel Well. "

. You've ever had any time where you thought, Whoa, "Dad fails!"?

"Well, I'll say the first time Vanessa left the city and I had to make her soil bath, certainly was not pretty, and it was not as smooth as when your mother does it. Oh, I took it clean. , at the end ... but I felt like I was subjecting it to a sub-pair bath experience. "

. What surprised you more about paternity?

"Only your life changes so much, so fast and in every way. This affects all the decision you make, and for the rest of your life. Actually, I'm not exactly surprised by that - because I expected - but maybe Be amazed at how large it is to sweep. "

. Any baby equipment Are you particularly grateful for these days?

"The little nervous thing we put on a door. He loves to jump around this, and help me in the morning - I can actually have my hands free and make a cup of coffee."

. What role is music played in these early days of parenting?

"Well," well, I began to sing for him well before he was born, because I heard that babies could recognize the songs they heard in the womb. In fact, one of the songs of my new album of songs of lullaby. Single sessions Prenatal, calls from 'sleepy eyes'. And while I was making the album, as soon as I got home from the studio, I would test my songs on it. It's just the sweetest thing to watch your reactions: He smiles and his eyes light up. I also included my classic 'you're my sun' on the album because it has a deep resonance for me - my grandfather sang to me when I was a baby. "

. How would you feel if Camden wanted to follow parents' steps and be in the entertainment business?

"I felt so lucky that my parents were 100% support for anything I wanted to do, and then I'm determined to show my son's unshakable acceptance, whatever he wants to do."

. What are you more anxious to share with Camden in the months and years to come?

"Some of the most typical things of the father's son, sure, like sports. I can not wait to take you to your first baseball game, to watch more football with him, or have a capture together. But even This past winter, when he was only a few months old, he sat on my lap and we watched my beloved Cincinnati Bengals together. I call my "good luck charm". "

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Q&A With Nick Lachey

Revisiting 'Newlyweds', new music, & autotune -- Nick Lachey answers your social media questions - Strength Training For Fat Loss By Nick Tumminello

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the smoothie diet


the smoothie diet
the smoothie diet